Friday, August 06, 2010

Handsome Riley Cooling Off

Riley agreed to stand still for a picture this evening. He was staring intently at the yard next door, in case someone dared to walk past. Riley was also on alert waiting for g to get home from work. Maine highways had a rash of tractor trailer accidents today and traffic was snarled for hours. Which increased the visits to G's tiny McD's. By 50%. G is very tired as he also has pneumonia. Yes, pneumonia.

I was a house keeping demon this morning. Vacuuming. Cleaning. Making lunches. Getting the red potatoes boiled so that I could slice them and fry them with onion for tonight's dinner. Hot Italian sausages and cucumbers in dill sour cream sauce rounded out the meal which was served at 7.45. Before making dinner I had to open all the house windows (cool air) and water my planter boxes which had sweltered in today's heat. Finally, cool air is blowing into Maine.

And the fall mums are coming to the greenhouse on Monday. And then it'll be Christmas.

I have been having a Greek Salad for lunch this week. My grocery has managed to find a new supplier for some really GREEN Romaine lettuce. Crisp and crunchy and fresh. So, of course this cannot be allowed to continue. And the sweet corn is outrageously good and LOCAL. I could get used to eating really fresh foods grown locally.

I cut up my watermelon this morning and have three containers full, chilling in the fridge. While I was removing the red melon from the rind I was reminded of the watermelon rind pickles that were made from the rind and served on a relish tray with dinner. I felt kind of bad throwing the rind into the compost. We just don't eat that many pickled products. I am always thinking of the "waste not, want not" motto of my grandmother.

Not much on television tonight so I will be enjoying the cool breeze blowing the curtains in the living room, while I read my Jo Nesbo book. Winter in Norway. Summer in Maine.

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Diane N said...

Riley is indeed a handsome fellow.

How is the Jo Nesbo book?