Sunday, August 08, 2010

Danger, Danger

While watering the vegetable garden G enraged a whole bunch of yellow jackets and was stung three times. Once, right below his eye. I put on the kettle and boiled up a pot of water and took it out to the garden and poured it on the underground "nest". Then we sprayed the rest of the returning yellow jackets. Everyone of them is now DEAD.

Gardening can be a very dangerous enterprise.

We harvested three zucchini (now brownies), eight yellow squash (now fried down and in the fridge), a handful of cherry tomatoes (from the yellow jacket area) and seven or eight cluster tomatoes (about half cup size). I had to compost one of my green cabbages (mushy spots) but did harvest a nice one pounder (maybe more) for cole slaw. All the seeds I planted last Sunday afternoon have germinated. I feel like a very proud "mom" especially with regard to the little cucumber starts. I have three or four good sized butternut squash growing and the compost squash plants are setting flowers. I never got around to chopping leaves.

G is mowing the grass. I am covered in chocolate smears. The sink is full of bowls and spoons. The zucchini bread is wet. Not good. Both pans of brownies are perfect.

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dee said...

Glad G is alright. Those stings are very painful.

Funny how the things in the compost pile grow stronger and bigger. Survival of the fittest?

Did you put the zucchini in a cheesecloth and squeeze it to death first?