Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In The Dark Literally

Yesterday, riley and I got home about 3 pm and I sat down at the computer to read emails and the computer went dark. The POWER went off. So I did things that didn't involve electricity like check the garden for zucchini and tomatoes. I didn't have to water because we had rain overnight and into the morning yesterday.

G arrived home and we chatted and waited and then realized that we probably needed to think about take out for dinner. We ordered, I showered, he and Riley went to pick up, we ate. We read the paper and watched as it got darker. Finally, at 8, G went to bed and I settled on the couch with my book and my "bitty book light" (with fresh batteries). It got darker and darker. I mean it was black velvet dark. And at some point the dogs in the neighborhood started barking. Like there was "something" out there. Got Riley all stirred up.

Finally, Riley had had enough and did the "I'm going to bed" shake em up and I got up and tried to find the way to the back door to let him out for his nightly duties. Then I tried to find my way to the bathroom. Then back to let Riley in and that's when I said--guess I'll be missing my television shows and went to bed also. Woke up around 11:30 to a humming noise (the fridge) and walked out to see if the lights were on and then back to bed.

Maine might have the most unreliable electric service in the entire United States. Anything sets it OFF. Wind, Rain, Snow, Ice and now, nothing. I don't think a car hitting a pole would darken an entire side of town while other folks are unaffected. I think they are just incompetent. When G went out for the take out, he said there were CMP trucks all over the place and guys climbing power poles and it had the atmosphere of the "clowns at a circus" and was just about as effective. Six hours later they must have found the problem and turned everything back on. The will most likely use the "squirrel in the transformer" excuse yet again.

Every other power company in the US has squirrels. They know how to keep squirrels out of the transformers. I wonder if the local paper will print the "smoking squirrel" picture at the top of the power outage report????

It was raining inside the greenhouse yesterday morning so I skipped watering. There was way enough water and moisture in the house to get through the day. So I pulled my potting station apart and cleaned, organized and swept everything. And then it was lunch time. And after doing a few more housekeeping chores it was time to go home. And you already know what happened there. At work, they were reorganizing everything, cause Halloween is arriving today. Yes, Halloween. The mums are here and pretty soon the farm truck will bring the pumpkins and the bales of hay and the big, messy, full of spiders corn stalks. Oh. Happy. Days.

I walked around looking for pens and Sharpies, containers and a new rain suit to tuck away for winter time usage (on those dark, cold, wet mornings when we haul Christmas wreaths from the truck to the annual house and get soaking wet). Like a good squirrel, I am out looking for stuff to tuck away. But not in a transformer. Tomorrow is my day off. So happy about that.

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