Monday, August 02, 2010

Monday Evening

A very busy day. Work. Registering my car. Groceries. Watering my planter boxes. Watering the garden. A much needed shower. G makes cheese nachos for supper. Reading the newspaper and the mail while Riley plays under the table with all his toys. Turning on the lights as the day ends. Turning off the AC as the temperatures fall into the low 60's. The humidity is returning day by day. So we enjoy it now.

I am very tired. I have bills to pay and my car is being inspected Wednesday. I also have a dentist appointment that day. I had planned to have lunch with a friend from Kentucky but we may have to think of something else to do. August.

Speaking of August, I bought sweet corn for the first time this summer, today. I also bought another watermelon, larger this time, but still only $4.99. I tried to only buy perishables so I could continue to use up the food I have "stockpiled". I bought way more than the five items I intended to get, but, in my defense I could have gotten way more stuff. I did get sugar for G.

G is making coffee and we are going to watch the Closer. See you tomorrow.

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