Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Friend Of Twelve By Twelve- 9-01-10

I finally got close. I was trying to use all the colors and then READ that it was to be mostly green with a bit of the others. And that made it easier. But by then, I had only scraps left so this morning I was busy stitching bits to bits and ended up with something that was good enough. Not great or fantastic but close enough. And, for the first time, (because of the scraps) it actually is 12 by 12. My measuring/cutting square is 12.5 by 12.5 and that is what I use to cut and I haven't gone back to recut most of the others, and they are not bound or backed.

Yesterday was so hot, but it was okay for sleeping last night but this morning we are already closed up tight with the AC running. I slept through my television shows last night and woke up at 12:30 because the dog wanted to go out and then go to bed. I have never done that before. Riley was perplexed by my behaviour.

I have a new Scandinavian author to 'test drive'. So far, the translation is a bit stiff and awkward. I may stop now (I have book #4) and go to the library for the first book (on reserve shelf for me). It may be better to do it that way and get introduced to the character slowly. Jar City is supposed to be very good. Author is Indridason. Does that mean he is Indrida's son? I also have the newest Kathy Reichs book. Spider Bones.

I had cold chicken last night alongside leftover rice, squash and peas. This morning I opened the last box of shredded wheat for the year. I like cold cereal in the summer but a bowl of oatmeal is lower in calories and better for me. So, when I finish this last box, I will be having oatmeal until next summer. I like oatmeal but I like shredded wheat more right now.

G had EOM (end of month) paperwork to do last night and he has the day off today. We may do something together today. Or he may just spend the day napping and reading.

I have some laundry to do, as usual. And it looks like the ice maker is leaking again and a whole panel of the built in cabinets is black. Water soaked. So we will be pulling the fridge out to have a look. Icemakers and the water lines are always trouble for us. And I think it's because G installs them, rather than having the refrigerator people do it.

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