Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tools Of My Trade

I purchased this half yard of fabric on Sunday along with my favorite citrus green paint. These three items cost me $1.98 and will bring me so much more in "fun" and "art". In fact, this $1.98 purchase is worth far more than the seven hours I just spent at work. I did have a few moments when I used my knowledge to help customers but those moments do not a fulfilling day make. And the pot smoking employee has stolen money from a fellow employee's locker, again. We all feel violated. Our employer refuses to deal with the employee. It's such an unpleasant situation.

Anyway, my work day is over for today and tomorrow is my day off. I can read and breathe deep cleansing breaths. I can make my first ever panini. Is that how it's spelled? I had to go online to find a "recipe" for panini so I had some idea of what to put between the bread slices. I mean it is simply grilled bread with things inside. The trick is putting the right things inside. The one I think I will try first is cheese and mango chutney. But first I will go to the grocery store for the mango chutney. Exciting.

Last night's new season shows were pretty good. I thought the new cast of DWTS would have sucked more than they did. Castle was close to being stupid but the cast is likeable. Tonight we have Raising Hope, Detroit-1-8-7, NCIS and the Good Wife. We TiVo'ed Hawaii 50 and House yesterday. I will probably TiVo Raising Hope and the Good Wife tonight. G loves his DWTS and tonight is the elimination night followed by NCIS. I know that some married couples watch television in separate rooms, but I just record what I want to watch, and get to spend the evening "with" my husband. Not perfect, but it works.

Our dinner pizza burned up a bit in the oven because we used fresh mozzarella and it melted and spread all over the oven. Burning cheese. What a mess. We are going to eat and watch House Hunters International. Buon Appetite!

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