Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Birthday

Today I decided we should have a "family" day to celebrate my birthday. So, Sam, G and I drove to Lewiston to visit Marden's, then eat at Margarita's (and have a birthday drink) and finish the day with Dairy Queen ice cream as it's the only place with ice cream still open. We did have to drive several towns over to find an open Dairy Queen. G and Sam had special edition Blizzards and I had a banana hot fudge sundae. It's a good thing I don't have lace up shoes on--I couldn't bend over to tie them if my life depended on it. Too much good food in the past 36 hours.

Sam gave me the really cute monkey card and the Bananagram game. It's like solitaire scrabble. Or it will be when I use the game.

G goes back to work tomorrow. He had last week as his vacation. And I was working all week, so it might have been more relaxing for him to be here alone all week. I enjoy being here with the dog. Men are different. Not that G did any domestic work while he was "on vacation". He didn't even do his usual vacuuming.

I had a difficult time finding a suitable outfit to wear today. Cool but still summery. Long pants and a shirt with long sleeves ---- and it needs to fit. I've been wearing the pants all summer but added a 2X shirt that I gave a friend (and she returned after losing weight). It's big and baggy and fits better than it ever did when I was a 2X size. I don't have pants that fit for cool (but not cold) weather. I really never had pants for that particular weather situation. I may have to wear this outfit for anytime I go out until it snows.

Tonight, Rubicon and Mad Men. If our LAME PBS station was running Inspector Lewis new mysteries then I would have that on tonight. But Maine Public Television is running crap "local" programs (ie. free or inexpensive) instead of Masterpiece Mystery on Sunday. I think they save money by showing them "later" and not in prime time. They may also be running a "please send us money" week. AGAIN. I will never send these idiots any money. PBS should close them down and let us get the Boston PBS feed. Do I sound disgruntled? Well, you should hear what their volunteers say about their management of money!!!!

I have laundry to do, shirts to iron and a book to read because it has to be returned to the library. Work tomorrow and Riley will be returning to doggie day care. His foot doesn't seem to be bothering him. Not much licking anymore. Plenty of jumping around and running. Still not completely healed but getting better. Two weeks now since he cut it open. I'll know in the morning. He may refuse to get into the car in the morning.

Better get started on my list of things to do. The first day of my new year has been very good.


Annie said...

I'm with you on the PBS "begging", which seems to be all the time now. I like the regular Sunday night lineup starting with All Creatures Great and Small and ending with Masterpiece Theater. Gad, does anyone sit through that crap and send money when they are begging?

Sounds like you had a nice b-day.

: )

Marianne Mohib said...

Happy belated birthday wishes! Just returned from a few days in Venice with Larbi and did not take our laptop with us. Had a wonderful time and happy to see you had a great birthday! Oh lovely, my wordverification says "sunthing" - so appropriate. Liebe Gruesse!!