Friday, September 03, 2010

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Yesterday was so hot, "how hot was it?", that I soaked my head under the hose in the perennial yard. I also filled my shoes (hot pink Crocs) with water several times. I got home around 2:30, took a shower and then a nap. I feel like the heat may have destroyed valuable brain cells. I have also been contemplating my fast approaching SIXTY FOURTH birthday. Will you still love me when I am 64?

I made a huge pot of garden produce vegetable soup on Wednesday. G will have nothing to do with it. I think it is the most delicious soup I have made since the Bean and Kale Soup of last winter. And I am most happy about the using up of vast amounts of the stuff coming out of my garden these days. Mostly tomatoes.

Brian Williams asked me, last night on the Nightly News, if my kitchen would pass an inspection by the Health Department. Nope. My counter tops are clean, no piles of dirty dishes, but the fridge is way overdue for a good cleaning. The floor is nice and clean. I don't think my bathrooms would fare too well either. I need to scrub the floors more often. How would you do? If they came right this minute to check your kitchen.

I have a new Icelandic author to read. Indridason. It's Iceland and not much goes on there. So the author hasn't got much to work with. Much more to work with in Sweden and Norway as their borders are open to everyone with a ferry pass. I MISS Harry Hole. More than I ever missed Wallander.

It's a slow news day here so I will stop typing and take Riley out to the garden to pick vegetables and get bug bites. Then I'll go to work. All I seem to do these days is go to work and sleep. And eat. Mostly good things (healthy) but too much of them. My hips are growing as I type this. Ado till tomorrow.

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Terry said...

I will still love you at 64, if you will still love me! I turned 64 in April. We probably traveled our separate boomer life paths in parallel. Class of '64?

My kitchen would not pass. The dishwasher is half unloaded with dirty dishes in the sink. The floor is crummy and the refrigerator I'm sure has some very bad cottage cheese sitting in the back.

OK, OK! Now I feel bad. I'm going to go clean the kitchen.