Friday, September 10, 2010

Still More Tomatoes

I started the morning with a pot of boiling water for these tomatoes. I like to scald them so the peels come off easily, then I take the core out and squeeze the seeds and juice into a strainer over a bowl. I don't plan to cook anything today. So these squeezed babies with their juices will go into freezer bags for "future food". Soup.

Riley is still sleeping. I'll be wrapping his foot up and taking him for a walk before I leave for work at 12:30. It's breezy and cool today but the sun is shining. It was supposed to rain all day. Seems like all the big, black storm clouds are just coasting past my house. I added more water to my half cup of oatmeal (to make it seem like more). It's cooling and getting thick after it's 240 in the microwave. The soy milk (a splash) makes it too sweet.

I managed to paint several half yards of fabric on Wednesday. They are all ironed and ready for fabric collages. I spattered paint on the clean up cloth (on purpose) and now notice that my kitchen floor has rusty orange spatters (accident). Yes. Rusty orange. And blue green. Wonder what that is for, huh? Colorplay for November first. I painted what I thought I wanted on the front side, but while ironing I saw the backside and like it ever so much more.

Did I mention that my boss offered me health insurance yesterday? Yep. I suddenly "meet the criteria".

Nikita (last night at 9) was the same (story) but different. This Nikita likes to kill innocent people. The previous Nikita (Petra Wilson) didn't. And this Michael reminds me of tiny Ryan Secrest, only taller (ugh). G and I were wondering what the CW stands for. I voted for "cheap and weird". Nikita is filmed exclusively in black and gray. Except for the tiny red bikini. And the teen uniform for all soon to be girl (slut) assassins in training is a tank undershirt, no bra. This CIA covert department hasn't been able to find Nikita for three years, even though she is living in town in a big apartment and has loads of money to spend on clothes, computers and guns. Reminds me of Lizbeth Salander living right in Stockholm while the police looked for her. In plain sight.

I watched the last half hour of Project Runway last night. Ugly clothes. And the wrong person went home again. They kept the "good seamstress" who can't design her way out of tank top and flowing skirt in beige. If I watch the show I think I will see Casanova get thrown under the bus by that know it all who won the first two weeks. And then I watched House Hunters International and a couple paid 518K for a house with no kitchen and one bathroom in France. A total fixer upper. Three months in, they are using the sink in their bedroom as a kitchen and enjoying the "garden" which, here in the US, we would call"a grassy area outside".

That's all I have for today. I work until 6 and we will be short one person out in Nursery so that should be less or more fun than usual. I'm wondering what to wear. Not only is it breakfast changeover this week, it's work wardrobe changeover also. And I have no idea what I will be packing for lunch today (lunch changeover?). Or cooking for dinner tonight. My horoscope says to watch my spending today. A bit late. I got my credit card bill. yikes.

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