Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sam Saves The Dog

Riley was seriously depressed. No walk in the woods today with G. No walk at all. And the walk he and I had the day before was difficult. Walking on an open cut isn't fun.

Sam purchased these fleece lined dog mitts. G wasn't sure it was a good idea but Sam worked on the fit and velcro until she had it on the dog and they went outside to "road test" it. Of course, being a dog, Riley wanted it OFF. So I called him back to the house and showed him his walking collar and he forgot all about the foot thing and was ready to roll on a walk. He powered his way around the one mile "short walk", peed, and pooped. Pulled me along at a very fast clip and I think he was smiling. The foot mitt is padded just enough to soften the "pain pinch" he must feel and with no worries of dirt in the wound I could let him wander into the grass, trees etc. Riley is now fast asleep.

I went to work today and found that another employee had quit and piled her work clothes on the lunchroom table. So, I decided not to quit today. I had a good day at work. It passed quickly and for some unknown reason my boss is talking to me all the time. Three years without a peep and now it's "hey, Joanie" all the time. And, I must be giving off a "vibe" because two other employees asked if I was coming back tomorrow. And Saturday? Wowza.

I was very sleepy when I returned home. Read some blogs and then took a shower (scrubbed my feet with the brush) then ate a TOTALLY - TOTALLY - TOTALLY bad dinner. I blame it all on the two Halloween sized packages of DOTS I ate at work. Sugar is the devil. And my new breakfast cereal (oatmeal) is making me constipated and farty.

Two loads of wash in and Nikita on the CW tonight at 9 pm.

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