Monday, September 13, 2010

Stand Back- I Have Had Too Much Coffee Today

I brought coffee to work (decaf) and then a coworker went and got me a Starbucks decaf (which I don't think is especially decaf) and then my husband stopped by with a third cup of McD's decaf which I am drinking right now. I can feel my heart racing a bit and know I will have trouble falling asleep even though I am exhausted.

I worked 8 to 4 with only a 15 minute lunch break to eat my fruit and yogurt. I couldn't stay in the break room a second longer (coffee jitters and the FLIES). My boss has gone to the hardware show in Jersey and left us "alone". Four employees in the morning and four to close at 6. Inexperienced teens at the cash register. How bad is that for business??? At the point of sale (getting the money) you put a kid who can't figure the register out or has no idea what a product is used for etc. I walked by as a product was found to have no price; a customer wanted to know how to amend soil (the teen didn't even know he should find someone to answer that question) and was told "I don't know" Period. And I stopped by to identify bugs. I just love sandwich bags full of bugs.

I am typing this and talking a mile a minute to G. Energizer Rabbit. I think i'll go over to the NYT's and read the Mad Men blog. Later!

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Melody Johnson said...

Joanne, send me an email with your address. I have your shawl knitted already.
Melody at Fibermania