Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Tuesday Done & Gone

Working until 6 pm is like watching paint dry. Nothing happens. It's just hours of waiting for the end to arrive. Each Tuesday (and Friday) I am surprised I made it to the end. One of the teenagers asked "what else would happen?" He didn't get it. He's still close to the beginning and I am too close to the end. I hate wasting what little time (20 or 30 years) I have left in waiting for 6 o'clock to arrive.

I got home to find both my guys tired and sleepy. On the dog's bed. I slept better than usual last night because I put the winter down comforter back on the bed. And we had a thunder storm at 4 am. Nothing better than pulling the comforter over your head and going back to sleep.

I ordered my "birthday" presents today. A little belatedly so they won't arrive till 3 days after but that's okay. A Panini Maker. A Pasta Extruder. (makes macaroni) A 14 inch non stick frying pan. It was on sale for a special price and I like special prices. I was pretty happy making the order. And I changed my email address to comcast.net. I have to change it on my blog this week. I'll keep you informed. I subtracted and added blogs to my sidebar today.

Changing email addresses is difficult. Trying to remember all the people and places that have my email address. When we changed computers I had to get everyone listed so I could get them on the new computer. I had a long list of people I don't email anymore. Why? What happened?

Time for a shower and then I want to work on the journal page I coated with paint and scraped with a credit card. G said it was a "mess" or that I was a "mess". I said it was just art.

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