Saturday, September 04, 2010

It's Always Water

G and I have been together 42 years now and we have always had one house problem. Water. And last night was no exception. Both of us exhausted after a hot and busy week at work. We had been discussing what to have for dinner for about an hour before I just decided it would be pasta with butter and cheese. As G was getting ice for our Diet Coke, he stepped in water.

Now I read mysteries. I should have followed the clues sooner. The ice had been hollow for more than a few months and lately was just an ice cube shell. Air in the line. Water leaking into the floor and walls and cabinets. You can see the water damage in the side of the refrigerator built in next to my desk. Soaked in water. I will have to call the insurance agent on Tuesday.

We pulled out the fridge and G checked everything but we couldn't find the leak. A second and third inspection and more soaking wet towels and finally he found a cracked dry area in the tubing and at that moment the ice maker called for water and G got soaked. We shut the ice maker off. G said he could fix it the way he fixed leaking tubes to the beverage systems at work: with electrical tape. It's good to have a husband in the restaurant business sometimes.

All is well. Except for the floors, walls and cabinets. The ice maker is making full, solid cubes again and the floor is dry. The fridge is out in the area between the island and the entrance to the living room so I am making round trips thru the foyer to get my cereal and bowl. Life is interesting. It's amazing the body memory we have of repeated movements. I know the way is blocked but I continue to go there.

The HURRICANE was, as usual, just a weather man's wet dream. No high winds and very little rain and more exhausting; sun and high temps today. G had the AC running before he left for work so the house would be cool for Riley and I today. I am happy to not be working today. I won't be happy to be working tomorrow if it stays this hot. Monday I have the holiday off without pay.

Oh, my raise was on Friday's check. The smallest amount they could give and still be giving me a raise. Twenty five cents more an hour. I felt used, abused and tricked. This winter I will decide if I will go back to work with this organization. If I will go back to work at all. There is an enormous amount of work for me to do here at home. I really have let the house go to ruin in the three years I have worked hard, physical labor at the greenhouse.

G's organization has hired two more experienced store managers. An announcement was made. I have no idea how this will impact G's work experience but if it rocks his happy boat, I will not be happy either. It's always something, isn't it.

Last night I dreamt, twice, that I was on a very high flat grassy area with no way to go down to the road. Steep sides that were treacherous. Straight down hundreds of feet all the way around. And I had Riley with me. Terrifying to not be able to go down to the road, but okay to be up there if that is where I wanted to be. I kept going to the edge to see if there was a safe way down.

That seems to be what I am trying to do. Find a safe way down.

Today, I am peeling, squeezing and cooking down all the tomatoes on the counter (36) and making a killer marinara sauce to freeze or use right away. And I will be going to the grocery store. Walking Riley (staying away from the edges) and trying to stay cool and dry.

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Diane N said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all your water damage. Such a mess and so upsetting.

I was even sorrier to hear about your pathetic raise. You said you felt used, abused & tricked. I would have felt horribly insulted. Better to not get one than to get 25 cents an hour. If you worked forty hours a week, that's only $10.00 a week more. Seriously insulting! You're worth far more.

Hope things are better soon.