Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Still Working At Home

I called "out" at work today. I enjoyed working to remove weeds and replant things and make the bed in front of my home (the entrance to my home) presentable, yesterday. I enjoyed yesterday more than any day in the recent few years. So I wanted more of that.

You can see the newly planted blue fescue in the upper right. I pulled up, removed enbedded grass and then replanted the low growing sedum in the bottom middle of this photo. Wu Ping (I called him Wong Ping yesterday) is behind the little water feature. The globe Trollius is behind Wu. Behind all that you can see the original state of the bed as I haven't gotten that far yet. Thick, complete weed coverage. Now I can see dirt.

Riley and I have an appointment with the vet to look at his foot pad. I don't think there is much a vet can do for this sort of injury. Stitches would just pull out with activity or the dog would pull them out. You can't bandage a dog's foot. And all the licking is keeping it quite clean. Riley is exhausted. His sleep is being disturbed by the foot and his need to lick it to make it feel better. The licking is keeping G and I awake also. It's not a normal bedtime noise. Two days. At least we will find out how long this sort of cut takes to heal.

This is the second time today that I have tried to post. Something must be going wrong with Blogger or my server. I seem to be able to connect to the internet. I am getting email. Sending email. I'll see in a few minutes if this one will go anywhere.

I am tired, in a good, productive way, and pleased with the work I have done at home this morning. So much better than standing around wasting time at work. I still have shirts to iron and I want to paint fabric today. At least one piece. This is my agenda for today. Right now I am getting a broom to sweep the sidewalk and then filling my watering can repeatedly and watering my new garden. I will also wonder what to do with all the bearded iris I pulled out of that space. I dislike bearded iris. G likes it. Do I just put it out in the woods like the other weeds? A marital issue.

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