Monday, September 06, 2010

Whistle While You Work

A Labor Day song if there was ever one. I have the day off. G is whistling while he works. My garden focus is beginning to turn inward as the days cool off. But I do have a "project", as my boss calls any work assignment, which will involve a shovel and the rearranging of plants in the front garden bed. We have one little blue fescue grass which is doing just fine, so I purchased three more yesterday to make a line at the edge of the garden. I know "lines" are not a good thing, but this garden needs a straight line to keep it in order. I will also transplant my Trollius from the back garden, too hot, to the cooler front garden. Right behind the fescue. And I will dig up Wong Ping, my tree peony, and settle him in his rightful place, in front, in full view of everyone. I think he is sulky because he's way off to the side under the Japanese Tree Lilac. And the Astilbe need to be relocated.

That maybe all I can get done today. The crockpot is full of pulled pork. The fridge is back in it's enclosure. I have whites and darks to wash. Shirts to iron. Another huge bucket of tomatoes to deal with. A coworker has already made jars of green tomato pickles. I have shallots and garlic to plant in the garden and I may have pole beans ready for picking. I planted late so we could enjoy the beans, fresh from the garden, rather than have them as a pesky, additional vegetable in July and August.

Riley may get a short walk or none at all. He cut the pad of one of his feet yesterday while walking (running) in the woods with G. Sliced open about 3/4 of an inch long, but not into the underlying tissue. If he sees a squirrel or crow in the yard he takes off running, only limping as he returns to the porch. He is licking it less which could be a sign that it hurts less.

Riley and I slept in until 11am this morning. We had breakfast together. He's settled onto his bed for another nap but I can tell he is wondering about his lunch. I am getting ready to put on my "go to work" clothes and get outside and get that landscape bed straightened up. I am determined to "use what we have" in other garden beds to make this one, by the front entrance, something good looking. So I may move a hydrangea, some Siberian iris and anything else that might look good up front. Too bad I never learned how to whistle.

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