Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home From Work

I don't even know where to begin. I arrived at work to find all the doors locked and the only other employee, waiting by the locked employee entrance. Luckily, I had the key. But then we had other problems: the safe combination, the login password and other random things neither of us had ever been responsible for on other Thursdays. It's really difficult to get past this kind of screw up, especially when customers are watching, waiting and getting a poor impression of our intelligence. I had to call another employee and wake her up (on her day off) twice. Not happy about that. Me. She was very sweet and understanding. Now, we have the safe combo and know the password to the register system. Eventually a third person arrived and the three of us ran the store until 12 noon. Tractor calls, cash register, perennial yard, greenhouse, nursery and floral. I hadn't packed nearly enough lunch or coffee.

Right now, G is still working on the front steps. The cedar or redwood rotted out. Now we are going with plastic wood. That new, non wood decking.

I am thinking about a shower and clean clothes.

Watched Survivor last night and the shallow people decided to get rid of the woman with an artificial leg the first day because she would get the money they believe they deserve. PEOPLE. You have 39 more days to decide to get rid of her. Not the very first day. Give the girl a fighting chance! And Jimmy Johnson was saved by a woman who couldn't shut up. I'm sure they edited most of her talking out. It was probably endless. And then everyone wrote her name down. Why does Survivor include handicapped and famous people when they are just "deleted" as quickly as possible by the "team". They never get a fair chance to play the game.

Top Chef ended last night and I saved the first part of the finale and watched both after Survivor. The right guy won. He cooked a good dinner and made a dessert. Ed could have won if he had made his own dessert. They should all know how to make at least two desserts. Ed had the Top Chef "loser" winner as his helper. Worst winner in the history of Top Chef.

Now for the shower and G says he's hungry and the fridge has no leftovers. And I have no ideas.


dee said...

Belated Happy Anniversary. Got home in time to catch the last half of Survivor. Soon as that woman opened her mouth and let loose we all said the same thing-Bye Bye.

Missed Top Chef finale. I'll have to catch that in weekend re-runs.

Is that a picture of 12 x 12 theme you're working on? I need to catch up with those ladies. I've missed seeing the last months entries.

be*mused jan said...

I knew as soon as I saw that pathetic looking dessert plated that my favorite, Ed, was not going to win. You'd think they'd be prepared for certain eventualities, but even Kevin had never used a wok(!!) before arriving in Singapore for the finale. *Duh* That said, it was a good season. I watched it early Thursday morning because on my serivce, Bravo is a premium station but for some reason, it's available on *On Demand* after the fact. Go figure.
Don't get me started on Survivor.