Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Equinox - Moon and Jupiter

While getting ready to go to bed last night, I noticed the moon shining very brightly into my kitchen through the skylight above the sink. I grabbed my camera and unlocked three doors to try and get a picture of the moon and Jupiter. I now see that my Jupiter was trailing to the east and this Jupiter is leading to the west. This picture is from a Google page. I am going outside tonight at 10:09 Eastern time to see this once in my lifetime event.

Grabbing a picture off another site and inserting it into my little blog is another first time in my lifetime event here at Wednesday's Child. It was so fricking easy that I am now interested in grabbing images from all over to insert in the blog posts. And probably getting into big internet trouble.

I have two new favorite television programs. Watch them fast. Anything I really like, gets cancelled before you can count to five. Detroit 1-8-7 and Raising Hope. Detroit 1-8-7 is a combination of Life On Mars (cancelled) and the Unusuals (cancelled). Rough, gritty and looney. In fact, last nights pilot may have used an Unusual's script. One of the ones they never got to use. My TiVo only has the pilot and a second program in it's line up. Dicey.

David Hasselhof was deleted from DWTS last night. Yippee!!!! What a jerk.

My refrigerator is empty. An excellent day to wash the inside out really good with lots of Simple Green. Also an excellent day to go to the library and grocery. And an excellent day to start carrying fabric (by color) upstairs and filling the "new" workspace with my supplies. I've had my big bowl of cereal, the coffee is ready and Riley has been outside chasing squirrels and smelling deer skat. We had a yard full of deer this morning.

I'll report back later today to let you know what I accomplished (along with laundry and shirt ironing). My "Day Off" is really the day when I work the hardest.


jude said...

what a picture!

Dianna in Maui said...

I DVR'd Detroit. Watched Raising Hope which I thought was a little bizarre, but entertaining. I don't watch DWTS but saw the recap this morning - YUCK! The Hoff thought he was so sexy when in reality it was disgusting! I had to look away! :) Can't wait to see what Wednesday has in store. House was great on Monday. Haven't really watched TV in weeks, so it's nice to have something new for a change.

Diane N said...

Last night was too cloudy here to see the moon and Jupiter but tonight I got a bird's-eye view. Gorgeous! I think it's a perfect night sky for the autumnal equinox.

As for tv shows, I know how you feel. I liked "The Unusuals" too but it was like now you see it, now you don't.

I decided to skip DWTS this time around. Too much same old, same old for me any more.