Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, November 30th. Wet, Cold, Raining...Dark.

 I like the size of the handle most of all.  And I buy only King Arthur flour so I like that as well. Am I ordering one?  No.  I do not willingly give out my credit card number on the internet.

Grocery today.  Husband was down to ONE chicken dinner. Emergency Lights Are Flashing.  We only had the opportunity to buy two more. So I got some prepared (fried) chicken tenders from the "hot bar" and we will try a "homemade" dinner. Chicken tenders the pasta he already cooks to add to the meals because you have to have lots of pasta, the shredded Parm we also buy separately and a jar of red sauce.  We will see how it goes. I truly hope it "goes". Would simplify my shopping.

I hold the line at actually cooking raw chicken etc.  I do not like raw chicken. No. I do not.

It was raining.   No one was bringing carts into the store.  Only three registers open and the parking lot full. Not a great day....  I wore shoes with tread.  My usual Summer Garden clogs (rubbery) no longer have tread on the soles.  I have slipped and fallen when it rains.  I don't want to do that in my raincoat.  The big black wool coat blunts the fall and saves my hip bones when I fall in winter weather.. but I now have restaurant shoes with non slip soles.  Today I had on Pink Rubber Shoes.  Orange Coat. White Hair.

Fashion Statement.  You can NEVER take the Cleveland, Ohio out of the Girl.

New puzzle on the table.  Big pieces.  This one belongs to us.  Remember I bought puzzles and coloring books at Sherman's Books?  Birthday Stuff.  He had a birthday.

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DogStarArt said...

I only buy King Arthur too! Their flours make the best breads and rolls. Wish I lived close to their Cafe and store in Vermont.