Sunday, November 27, 2022

Field Notes- Dark and Cold outside when I went to get the paper. Dismal. That's a good word for today.

 I found this somewhere and thought it was quite lovely.  Shaped bread for the Holiday just past.  I thought I wanted glass front cabinets but.......I think I will stick with the stainless rolling shelving that I have right now. A Restaurant vibe. 

We went to the grocery store yesterday and the Library.  I returned books and got five more- two for husband.  Three for me.  Two are repeats.  Reading was fine yesterday.  No need for drops or resting periods. House Air wasn't as DRY.

I watched a Christmas Movie I had recorded off FX.  Sound was not good.  FX is either very loud or not audible.  It's the way it arrives.  Title was Last Christmas.  And they kept offering the Bad Language warning.    I never did hear any bad language.  It was British.  And I never can understand them.  The Brits & Christmas.  Almost to the end and I remembered what it's about.  And I knew I would cry.  The reality part goes by quickly and if you're not watching and paying attention you will never understand what it's about.  But......I cried.

I think that's why I recorded it.......for a good cry.  Eyes are a bit damp right now.

I used to have a few Rom-coms that provided a good cry.  Can't quite recall which ones they are.....but I know I don't have them recorded.  I do have Tom Hanks in an airport that he can't leave.  Recorded  many years ago......that's what I actually love about TiVo.  Forever Storage if you don't delete. And now I will also have the Last Christmas and Love Actually- forever.  Today I will watch the Bookstore Around the Corner.  I love that movie.

I just finished reading Meghan Quinn's Runaway Groomsman.  The Runaway is a script writer for a channel called Movieflix.  (netflix?)  He interprets what is happening as if it's a scripted movie. And if it was a movie- I would record it.  He arrives VERY drunk, in a baby blue tux with only one shoe. The two women in the book have to drag, carry him to his room. And he's "trending" on social media.  Not in a good way.  I went and ordered more by this author.  Can't wait till they arrive.  Now reading a small paperback- 2001-  Tempted Again by Cathie Linz.  Mad, Bad and Blonde was the other one I liked and this one has one of the characters from the first book in this one.


Angie said...

I just saw that movie, Last Christmas, for the first time the other night, and I LOVED it—-and oh goodness, I cried too.

beverly said...

The Art of Racing In The Rain is a good one I think you can get it on FX