Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Field Notes- Hello--Thank You For Reading!!!! Chilly, cloudy with a chance of..a Nap

 From Something in the sidebar.  Deluxe Images Delivered with Each Post.  "How do I love thee, let me count the ways"

My eyes are DRY!!!!  Nothing is helping.  I am considering just bundling up on the couch and taking a NAP.  I know!!!!! Me! A NAP??????  Who are we kidding?  Now my nose is running.............

I had the devil of a time- with drops and rest periods and NOT rubbing my EYES yesterday trying to finish a book with small print.  FINALLY ACTING MY AGE.

Daughter brought me a Pecan Pie.  I ate a piece.  Sweeter than I am used to.  So, I am thinking today- I will cut a wedge and then crumble it and eat it mixed with a Vanilla Noosa Yogurt.  The little 4 ounce serving.  Perhaps the filling.  Eat the crust with TEA.  The Pie is a gift from the Candy Factory.  She has made the switch from Outdoor Landscaping to Indoor Candy Pack and Ship. She was dressed like the ToothFairy.  Not really- just a BIG change from Garden Wear.

A BOOK is coming from Kentucky via Amazon.  First week of December.  I am thrilled. Gobsmacked Thrilled. All is Right With MY World.  How do I love THEE?  Let me count the ways!!!!!

So Many of You Out make me so very happy.  Reading this stuff I type.  Being Friends with Great.  So Wonderful........So Thankful........... So so Thankful.... Happy Holiday.


beverly said...

Systane eye drops has a Systane Complete Lubricant Eye Drops for Dry Eyes. Do you have a pair of reading glasses for tiny print ?

My son and I use the Sytane Products recommended by our Optometrist. I wear glasses but use dollar store reading glasses for tiny print sure helps.

Thankful for you too.

LindaSonia said...

I have secondary sjogren's syndrome so I've been dealing with dry eye and mouth for a long time. I feel your pain. I think I've tried every retail product out there. I use a compounded prescription called Serum Tears - doesn't cure anything but I like the way it feels. Maybe you could try a humidifier where you sit and do your reading??

I enjoy reading your blog - don't always comment but I'm out here. Happy Thanksgiving!

DianeN said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Joanne!

Joanne S said...

Beverly I use those drops. Usually all Winter as the house gets quite DRY i I should get a humidifier.
I will add that to my list. today should be better with things cooking on the stove. Less reading.