Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday, November 22nd. COLD. COLD. COLD. Eyes getting dry. Making it difficult to read books.

 I may have used this already....I have lots of Christmas images but not much else.  I need to start taking pictures of my own again.........Of my daily pair of socks?  Well...if they were anything but shades of black etc.  I don't have cool socks. Some do have multi colored stripes. This bird is sitting on ice.  No drinking water.  

My birdbaths are ice right to the top edge of the birdbath.  So nowhere for me to pour building water. Which I do in the Winter.  It freezes pretty quick but...what else can I do???

I loved the images from the Lunar spaceship.  The Big Moon and the tiny blue planet. Us.

My across the street neighbor has left for the airport and New York City with Two Tofurkies. I know that isn't spelled correctly but it's Tofu Turkey.  

Did I mention here...that I found a turkey breast in with all the rotisserie chickens?  Monday at the grocery.  I think I did.  Anyway.  I was going to get started with cooking- bake a pie......but I will wait for Tomorrow.

I haven't started in on the Pomegranate Drawing.  I have the paper and the art supplies ready to go...I just am not ready to go.  The air in the house is very, very dry and my eye balls are dry- even with many applications of drops......so reading, drawing and anything else.....difficult.

I mysteriously recorded the movie with the cute guy in the house full of Christmas.  He took off his shirt. It was worth all the digging to find this movie--but it wasn't all that interesting AFTER he took off the shirt.  In fact, the movie was dull.  It's an old one and I think I've seen him in other movies on Hallmark with a different name.  Anyway.........I have, I think, a new favorite for 2022.  Santa Boot Camp.  The chef guy is mighty cute. Of course I have watched the movie about making a Christmas Santa Movie three times now and I really love it.  THAT guy shows up at my door- he gets pulled in the house and G gets shoved out.

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