Thursday, November 24, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday November 24th- Birdbath's Frozen. Power Outage Overnight. The Usual.

 I use Systane drops in my eyes.   And I have dedicated Reading Glasses.  And I had a recent eye exam with no change in my eyes.   I think it's just the dryness AND the TINY print of an old school paperback. The small pocket sized ones.  Print is not only tiny it's not real dark.  Double Trouble. But the story was good and I wanted to see how it ended.  My fault, I should have rested my eyes.

I got the fridge working all by myself a few minutes ago.  The on/off button did the job.  Welcome to Maine in the Winter. Power Failure Capital of the USA. Usually, it's a squirrel and we know this because we have seen it's still smoking dead body up in the circuits at the end of the road.  Same Place.  Every time.

I figured I should learn I might be in charge of Power Failures from now on.......I might be in charge of quite a bit from now on... and should figure out how things work.  The Furnace is running.  I turn it down into the 50's at night and then up to 65 during the day.  Down Comforters.  Who needs the furnace.

I have to get going.  Peel potatoes, make the Pumpkin Pie etc.  After that it's just add water and butter to things and get them HOT.  I don't expect husband to eat any of the dinner......he didn't last year.  He doesn't like vegetables.  But I did buy a precooked turkey breast so perhaps he'll eat that and choke on a piece of turkey he failed to he always does.  I'll update you as it goes.

Nothing like a choking emergency to make the day a Holiday.

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Chris said...

This is what my doctor told me to do for dry eyes and it works for me.
Take a clean, cotton sock. Fill with rice and close end with elastic band.
Heat in microwave (I do for 2 min). Wrap a wet, wrung out washcloth around bag and put on eyes for 10 minutes or so. Obviously you don't want to burn yourself but the warm moisture helps me a lot.