Wednesday, October 26, 2016

When It Gets Cold Outside---French Onion Soup

I need to go to the store  tomorrow and get a gigantic bag of onions, bread and good cheese.  And make lots of soup.  G and I adore French Onion.  I always think we'll have enough for two meals--and then we eat all of it in one sitting.  I love the crispy bits stuck to the edges of the bowls.

I read on the internet that the onions can be slow cooked in a crockpot instead of on the stove being monitored for hours.  We'll see.

I spent the entire day at work (today) outside in the blustery cold.  Cutting back perennials.  Happens every year.  No one else will do it. Well, they will but not for longer than 10 to 20 minutes. They all stayed inside in the warmth of the cash registers.  I would rather be anywhere but by the cash registers.  But I cut everything back and now it's ready to be sent back to the "mother ship" to hibernate for the winter.

Winter.  It's coming.  The day it rained, our large blue wheelbarrow filled up with rain water that came off the roof (good spot for a rain barrel) and this morning the water inside was frozen.  Ice chunks.  That's a good signal that I need to get into the garden and clean up my messes.  Plant my garlic and the white daffodils I purchased.  I hauled in another million green peppers.  What was I thinking??????

So, my work for the next four days (off) is set.  If it rains--well, I'll just have to cozy up to the sofa and read--all day.  Here's hoping it rains--at least one whole day out of the four.

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