Sunday, October 09, 2016

And Finally Season Five Of Longmire

I was afraid they were just going to stop making this series.  But it's SO GOOD.  I grew up watching Westerns on my Grandmother's black and white.  Grandma loved Barbara Stanwick.  She was the grand dame of a Western cowboy family.  When my grandmother departed Europe at 16 and arrived in America, not speaking any English, ---well, we never talked about how difficult that was.  But she dove headfirst into "American Ways".  Soap operas and Westerns, once television was invented.

Longmire is something my grandmother would have enjoyed.  Not so much the modern psycho killers but the long stares and few words.

And it's back.  G and I will have to set aside a snowy Winter weekend to binge watch the new season.

Today we are enjoying "some" rain.  Not much, but everything is wet.  On the surface.

Yesterday I watered my green pepper plants (they were looking wilted) using water from the water barrel in the garden, pulled the green bean plants out of the garden, pulled up the bolted lettuces, snapped off a big bunch of kale leaves to cook, wished there were more beets.  I harvested another 10 to 18 peppers.  I sure did have an amazing "pepper" year.  I also picked another cup or two of raspberries.  I now have a full quart in the freezer.  Need to find a whole milk, non-Greek yogurt--that isn't soupy so I can start having fruit and yogurt again for lunch. Especially when red grapefruit from Texas is back in the stores.

It's been too "chilly" to be making smoothies.  But I have so much fruit in the freezer than I need to be making something out of it.  Yes, I do know people drink smoothies year round.  People at work are eating ice cream bars--and we are wearing three layers of clothing.  Not me--but only because soy is listed in the ingredients on each and every bar.

Riley had a dog friend stay with us yesterday.  A one year old.  Riley is exhausted.  He slept in until 9am (usually up at 5am) and then went right back to sleep.  Aine really wore him out.  G and I ended up overfeeding the pup (accidentally).  So, her owner assures us we will be her favorite dog sitters--forever.


Gretchen said...

I wasn't a Longmire fan until I went to talk given by the author of the book series. He was funny, articulate, and just plain interesting. Since then I have watched the series. Just finished up the latest batch.

I haven't commented much...this summer was really full... but I have been reading your blog regularly. Hope your eyes are better. I can hardly believe that summer is over. My goodness it sure went fast.

I envy your garden. Living in an apt has it's benefits, but also it's drawbacks. I thought about joining a neighborhood backyard garden group to have a small patch but like this summer, I am usually out traveling with Duchess (my travel trailer). There are quite a few farmers markets here, even in my area of Brooklyn, and I enjoy their fresh produce very much.

Enjoy life.

Joanne S said...

They have CSA's--a share of the harvest, but with your traveling--you might not be able to use the produce.
It's been a really wonderful summer. I enjoyed being home. And now the season I just told my Pulmonary doctor
was my most difficult. The "cold times" as my asthma reacts to the cold, the wood smoke and the dust. The doctor
said my allergy to dust was nearly "off the chart". So really allergic to dust.

Now I am working on getting an appointment for allergy consultation with a new doctor. But the Pulmonary guy said
he thought it was all going to be about dust. Also some of the asthma events I have had--really really scared the doctor.
He said I need to call the office or the ER in future. I guess in either of the situations--I could have stopped breathing
and started working with the angels before anyone could have done anything to help me. Well, that isn't what I wanted
to hear.