Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Possibility Of Eating Eggs

I need PROTEIN.  My diet is now 95% vegetables, fruits and the smallest amount of wheat and dairy.
I am starting to feel cold all the time (like G) and not very "vigorous" when it comes to doing heavy lifting at work or at home.  G bought me chicken tenders.  They weren't good.  Ham and cheese "roll ups" are okay but if I have them too often--acid reflux.  Actually, anything too often causes acid reflux.  I am such a delicate thing.  LOL

I'm thinking a nice fried egg on top of whatever else I am eating?  Will it be safe????

I have been using up the red peppers from the garden.  Sauteed with onion, kale and some roasted Delicate squash half moons.  Over rice. White rice--brown = acid reflux.  Lunch has been Romaine lettuce, red cabbage, carrots and EVOO with Balsamic.  No weight loss.  I am holding steady at the exact same number (over three months now).  So--protein for the "not so interested in meat" person I am.  Can have a Noosa yogurt once or twice in the same week with no problems.  Not two days in a row.  I feel like a science experiment gone wrong.

Now that we are drifting faster and faster into cold weather (G wants the furnace on), I am going to give oatmeal a trial.  If the rash or acid reflux comes back--then I am done with Oatmeal and it's more delicious sister Granola.

Oh--I had a doctor's appointment today--my numbers for the dust?  Off the charts.  REALLY allergic to dust.  My Primary Care doctor looked at the numbers and said "pffft...everyone is bothered by dust".  The Pulmonary Doctor looked and said "we have a real problem here".  I mean, I could actually stop breathing.  For good.  And I would miss writing to all of you!!!  My chest hurts just thinking about it.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Egg whites for protein? They come in a little carton, don't taste bad.