Tuesday, October 04, 2016

I Have A Cold

This happens.  When I am away from the public for any extended time and then "re-enter", I pick up all sorts of germs.  There is a "cold" going around where I work (teenagers and college students).  Now I have it.  Stuffy nose, cough, stuffed up head, chills.  If it's the flu--more fool am I.  I refused the flu shot.  But the timing was such--I would be sick anyway.

The Oil Company plumber is downstairs working on the piping to the hall radiator.  We are hoping a change of "venue" for the pipes will result in a warmer hallway.  It's pretty noisy.  So no napping until he is done-- especially when the soldering of the pipes sets off the fire alarm.  That was exciting.

G is going to work.  Riley has had his walk.  I am here with a book to read and Netflix to watch. My rhubarb pie turned out to be very "tart".  Delicious but needing a bit more sugar.  I may just sprinkle the pie with the additional sugar.  And the pie was delightfully ruby red.  So often, rhubarb is green. Turns out the stuff I am growing (finally) is going to be very red.

Well, it's time for more DayQuil.  Every four hours.  And it makes me sleepy.  G promises to remember to buy green NightQuil so I can sleep tonight.

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