Thursday, October 20, 2016

Before Winter

We are enjoying a very warm, often sunny, Fall day here in Maine.  G is across the street mowing the grass and picking up leaves on the neighbor's front lawn.  I have today and tomorrow off.

I've already done some laundry.  Watered some plants.  Taken bags of compostable things to the compost pile (which will be filled up with the collected leaves and grass from across the street), I have another 50 pages to read in my book.  The next one is waiting for me at the library.

I had to go into the sewing room again last night during the debate.  Could not listen to any more.  Where has common decency gone?

I eventually managed to get enough squares together to make a rectangle.  So many parts and pieces of this "would be quilt top" are missing.  I was going to just make placemats out of the newly reconstructed top, but now I am seeing it as more of a Frankenstein Monster.  Which could work as "art" in 2016.  By not watching the debates I have created a monster (or Zombie).  Of sorts.  It helps that I used black thread to zigzag the squares together.

I am also quite close to starting in on the 2016 felt Christmas ornament.  The Bee.  I found some beige felt in the felt container (for wings) which was hidden under 10 or more other containers in the attic.  Now I have quite a bit of bland felt.  I do need more felt with vibrant colors--I was on Pinterest.
So many really cute ideas to test drive.  Winter projects.

I am going to be at work on Halloween.  Employees are planning to wear costumes.  I don't have a costume.  Never have had one.  No idea of how to create one.  Any ideas?

I ate Rice Krispie treats (too many) yesterday at work and came home with the skin around my eyes burning and itching.  So much for "dust" being the instigator.  I washed my face and then applied Cortizone 10 for Eczema and it calmed down.  In my hunger and boredom crazed mind-- Rice was a safe food and therefore Rice Krispie Treats were also safe.  Well, there is soy.

Also turns out Zyrtec for allergies = weight gain.  An unpleasant side effect of not sneezing and itching.  Note to self:  Pack an extra big lunch.

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