Monday, August 07, 2017

Monday, Monday

Another of the pickle jars gave up it's seal.  I heard the "plop" from across the room.  Now G has two jars to eat in the fridge.  Plus the refrigerator dills. I am probably going to pitch in and eat some of them.

When faced with "too much to eat" my husband reverts to "teenage girl" and slowly stops eating.

I watered the garden today.  G is off cutting grass for our employer.  She is a friendly employer but gets sulky if not obeyed.  He has misplaced his hearing protectors with the good radio.  So he is quite upset.  We spent some time looking for them.  Trying to think about where he's been.  When he last saw them.  I think they are across the street.  Where he was putting down mulch--at least 10 days ago.  He says no.  He had them on when he was cutting our side yard.

I slept well the past two nights.  Lots of cleaning made me sleepy.  But last night a very disturbing dream.  I was asked by a woman I hardly knew to watch her children (they were in bed) while she went out on a "family emergency".   The toddler woke and cried and had foam bubbling from his mouth.  The four or five year old told me "she made him drink this" and it wasn't something a child should drink.  I tried calling the mother--no answer so I called a person I knew but not well and he agreed to come stay with the older child while I took the toddler to ER.  By the time he arrived, it was obvious she had given whatever it was to both.

So there we are, two strangers with two children who don't know us at all--in ER-- critical condition trying to comfort them as best we can.......and then I woke up.  Tears in my eyes yet again.

I have no idea what it means.  Not related to the 15th Century mystery I am reading... Benjamin Black's  "Wolf On A String".  Not related to anything I am watching on television.  Not related to real life---pickles and blueberries.

What a way to begin a day.  I promised G I would go and get my new eyeglasses.  So I am going to do that.  I got groceries yesterday so I don't need to do that.  A quick trip into Town. Then back home to the dog.  The dog who did not get his walk today.  Looks like it might rain.  Which would be nice. I really don't like brown, crispy grass.

In my front yard the heather is in bloom.  Some pink and some yellow green and of course, day lilies. the sweet shrub is in bud but has not flowered as yet.  Smells sweet and spicy.  In pink.  The sedum have set buds but they haven't colored as yet.  The deer are coming by night and eating whatever is not covered in netting.  Coming right to the front stairs.  Brazen this year.  And the woods are full of green leaves.  Enough for them to fill their tummy without my flowers.   I do not like deer.

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Annie said...

That dream sounds disturbing, can't imagine what that means. Are you on any meds? Some meds have strange dreams as a side effect.