Tuesday, August 08, 2017

A Tuesday In August

New eye glasses prescription.  Trifocals.  Three lines.  Eye crossing three lines up and then three lines down--over and over, trying to find the right spot for vision.  Quite the headache.  Feeling nauseous.  Reading the newspaper this morning--endlessly.  Trying to SEE.  Brain has to figure it out.

It rained over night.  So a day off in the garden watering project.

My one singular peach was ripe--ready to be picked.  Quite the treat.  My First Peach.

Tile Guy is arriving tomorrow morning.  Wondering what he will get done.  Would be most excellent if he got it all done.  Would have to return for grout. But there would be LIGHT at end of this renovation.   It's been endless.  Epic as they say.   A Cluster **** as some others would say.

Tomorrow J and I are visiting the Bowdoin Art Museum to see the drawing exhibit.  10:30 am.

Monday glasses and Wednesday Art Museum.  Big week with two events.

August just makes me tired.  I wish I could just sleep through it.  Well, I'm going for trying to read my book.  Should be fun.  Or not.

Our employer did not like being called sulky.  She reads this blog.  So--what I meant to say was that she was super intelligent, generous and kind and has a terrific sense of humor.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Glad I am not the only August slug.

You'll get used to those glasses. All of a sudden, you'll be there and not realize when it happened.