Saturday, August 05, 2017

Avocado For Lunch Plus Attitude Adjustments

My local grocery now has "Misfit" produce.  One day it was limes and lemons.  Not the right size (small) but still good limes and lemons.  $2.49 for 6.  Last time I was shopping--it was avocados.  Very small. Very green and hard.  Again, $2.49 for six.  I had one for lunch today.  It had taken three days for it to ripen but when cut open it was beautifully creamy green.  Perfect. And delicious with some of the misfit lime juice squeezed over the top.

The same day I bought the avocados, I purchased two red bell peppers to go in the zucchini bread and butter pickles.  They sat with ice and once that melted they waited for me to "do something" until this afternoon.  I set the big canning kettle on the stove, filled with water and pint jars.

I have been putting it off.   It's what I do these days.

I decided today it was less being tired and more being depressed.

So I forced myself to can the pickles.  Five out of the six jars have pinged.

Yesterday I forced myself to sweep and wash the floors.  I also pulled up enough dirty cardboard (supposedly protecting the hardwood floors) so I can walk thru the master bedroom to the bath on wood floors instead of dirty cardboard.  I did this labor because I had begged out of going sailing that morning.  To welcome a tall ship into Portland Harbor.  It was a good decision.  The seas went up and down. A very good chop.  I would have been sick.  When I beg off doing something (and disappointing people--ie the Host and G) I always do some hard work that I also don't want to do.  I beg off doing things a great deal.  Always have but seems that I refuse more often than I accept.

Which is why I now think it might be called "being depressed" instead of "being stubborn".

I also finished a book while canning the pickles.  Multi-tasking.  The Dry by Jane Harper.  A debut novel.  I have always brought home any first novels I find on the library shelves.  First timers work harder, rewrite more and try and have a solid story.  Later in their author lifetimes--well, they might do one and not the others.  For the money.   This book was good.  I look forward to any others this author might write.  I may have discovered who done it earlier than I was supposed to---but then I had to really wait to see if I had been right.

I also went to the movies.  G loves going to movies.  He loved going out on the boat ride.  We went to see Atomic Blonde.  Hard to imagine Charlise being so perfectly gorgeous  even when being beaten to a pulp.  G and I were the ONLY PEOPLE in the theater to see the 3:45 showing.  We moved around and tried out all the seats.  We were well entertained by the movie.  Interesting seeing 1989 Berlin and the Wall.  We left Germany in 1988.  Without seeing the Wall.  Americans weren't that popular in Berlin.  Everyone in Atomic Blonde was British or Russian.  A few Germans.

So, to overcome my "attitude" I have successfully made pickles, read a book, washed all the exposed floors in the house, emptied a bookcase and put all the books in the recycle container (they weren't worth the space they had been filling) and gone to see a movie.  I am now going to wash the orange Cheeto dust off my fingers and find another book to read in the pile from the library.  All of a sudden--they are sending me books.

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