Tuesday, August 01, 2017

August Carrots

I plan to "inspect" my carrots to see if they are ready to be pulled and eaten.  Last year I got a terrible shock when I pulled my carrots.  The chipmunks had been down in the dirt--under--- eating the sides off most of my carrots.  I pulled up half eaten carrots.  It was very sad.  I stamped my feet and yelled but little could be done.  I have to go to the store and BUY carrots.

I got my tomato patch covered (mulched) with straw.  It looks very nice.  Eventually the straw will start looking matted and begin composting.  But right now it's crisp, yellow and very cheerful looking.  I got as many tomato plants in the ground as I could before giving up.  It's hot out there. And itchy.  I planted all the "seedlings"- (2 foot tall seedlings) the ones with tomatoes already started on the plants.  I have some Early Girls, Sungolds, Romanians, Italians.  They have all lost their name tags.  I also am tending about six free spirits that are self seeded from last years tomato plants.  No idea which ones but could be the yellow ones or some of the Romanians. I am basing my guesses on location.  The yellow ones had a funny name--not Arkansas Traveler.  But maybe.  Big, juicy with yellow flesh and a bit of red across the shoulders.  Hillbilly.  that was it.  Hillbilly.

I plan to go out and pick greens and carrot tops and kale and any other green leaves out in the garden and make up some "greens balls" or patties.  Most of my arugula has gone to seed and the leaves are now powerfully hot (sharp) to eat.  The kale hasn't gotten very big yet.  And I have some parsley stems that are trying to go to seed so I can cut them.

For the first time in forever--I have basil.  And it looks healthy.  Shocking.

Also the little zinnias I call Lowe's Zinnias are in bloom.  Such a pretty magenta pink. I saved seeds from the first batch I ever purchased at Lowe's (years ago)--and that was a good thing.  As they don't carry them anymore.  Short, stocky and very prolific in flowers.  I have them in the herb garden alongside my first ever (two) sunflowers.  I planted a packet of seeds and got two plants.  Better than none.

The deer are coming right up to the front steps to eat the yellow petunias in my containers. Yes. Right up to the front steps of the house.  Brazen.  And I don't live "out in the country".  No wonder Riley is up and barking like a crazy dog.

Farmer's Markets today and the girls want more pickles. ( my daughter and my friend)  The two of them like "organic" so the Farmer's market seems like the best solution.  And G wants another jar of refrigerator pickles.  I have to decide whether to water the garden (or trust G will do it) or drive off into Town to buy my produce.  G isn't all that reliable anymore.  He tends to drift over to his new woodworking workshop and "be gone" until it starts getting dark outside.  Right now he is cutting grass on the side of his workshop.  It's new seeded grass and it's mighty tall and thick.  If I wait much longer they won't have what I want at the market--got to go.  Then water if he hasn't remembered to do it.  sigh.  August.  And, Readers, its HOT.  Sunny and ever so HOT.  ICK!!!!

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Annie said...

It is hot today, and I've got to go water my flowers in pots. I'd rather just stay here in my AC'd house and fool around on the internet. I'm looking for a scatter rug for the downstairs bath,looked at tons already, can't find the color combo that I want, I know it's out there somewhere.