Monday, September 29, 2014

The Internet Kicked Me To The Curb

It was that kind of week.  Friday afternoon I lost the internet and, I guess, the router.  We now have a new one and I am trying to catch up on all I missed in four days.

Fall is here in Maine.  The tree in front of my friend's house (down the street) is a brilliant RED!!! Can't miss it.  Our oaks are dropping leaves but the maples are holding out.  G says it's usually the other way around.  At work we are having the parking lot dug up to install drainage so the store doesn't fill with water when the snow melts.  Let's just say that Thursday was "something else" with cars, trucks, tractors (at least two) and everything else looking for a spot of driveway--all at the same time and employees hoping no one fell into a ditch.

G is back from his visit to his brother's home.  He had a really, really nice time.  I hope he makes it an annual or every couple year thing.  I have email addresses for family members wanting recipes.  That sounds like fun.  Riley and I enjoyed our time together as well and got back to that "special" relationship we had when G was still working.  I love that sweet dog.  And it was good to have G back home.  We both missed him.

The garden is closing itself up.  A few onions, one cabbage, the brussels sprouts and the red onions. G says the raspberries were a bit "moldy" when he went out to pick.  I hope he's wrong.  I also have jalapeños out there.  I'm hoping, if they stay out there longer, they will be hotter than the last batch I picked.

Well, that's all for now.  I need to eat something.  And, in diet news, the first number in my weight has changed from a 2 to a 1.  Made me very happy this morning.  The number I saw flicker by 6 days ago is now here for good.  Slow but sure.  Anyway.  That's what I hope it is.

Oh, and welcome to new Readers (and family) who chose to visit.  300 a day according to Blogger.
Now, if you would all send a comment--you know, to test the new router.  LOL


Jan said...

Testing...1, 2, 3. ;-)

MariMo said...

Testing - testing...... Router works perfectly well! Glad to hear G is back home with you and Riley and that he had such a good time.

Annie said...

tap,tap, hello is this thing on.

I want to know if my comment is going to bounce as it has been doing in the past. : )

Deborah Boschert said...

Our internet wasn't working last week. It was finicky one morning, then seemed fine. Then finicky the next morning so I called and they told me to go to one of the offices and pick up a new modem (or router, I can't remember). Which I did and Jeff installed it and it seemed to work fine. Then the next morning it was out again. I called to schedule a service call and when the guy arrived, he asked "Is it out mostly in the mornings." "well, yes," I replied. I hadn't really made that connection. I thought it was just erratic. He explained that it was because we've been having cooler weather in the mornings. Once the wires get used to it, it will be fine. What?! How can this possibly be true? Anyway, the internet has been working ever since.