Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I Never Know Where I Am Going & Top Ten

Even as I select photos for the top of each post.  I think the image I selected has hanging light fixtures I am fond of right now.  I wonder where one finds them?

One...I have to clean up my reading list in the sidebar.  Not what I am interested in right now.
My interests seem to fade.  I really like something and then over time, while I am not paying attention, I find I really don't care anymore for that "thing".  I liked kale for awhile but now that it is growing in my garden, I couldn't care less.

Two...I think I am at the point where I need to decide if I want to keep working full time, go to part time, stop, or find a new job.  I absolutely love my job when I am busy helping customers.  But we don't have as many customers.  And that's the rub.

Three... I followed a co worker's instruction for a Detox drink.  Water, sliced cucumbers, lemons and mint.   Drinking water isn't something I take to easily.  But this stuff is easy to drink for some reason. I have had 64 ounces a day for two days now.  Dropped 1.5 pounds.  Of bloat.  As a rule I don't follow "fads" so this is not typical of my behavior.  And I am amazed that I can drink so much of this, so easily.  The many, many trips to the restroom--  well, it keeps me busy at work. (smile)

Four...Dieting isn't for sissies.  It's difficult and unendingly disappointing.  Sure there are high spots but they are few and far between.  Hard fought for as well.  I have finally after 8 weeks made it to a 12 pound loss (the last 2 pounds due completely to the detox water).  This is good.  But for the sacrifices I am making (not being able to eat any delicious food), it doesn't seem like "enough".  I would be a terrible member of AA.

Five...The September Full Moon brought temps of 57 to Maine and freezing temps to part of north western Maine.  The garden season is coming to a "full stop" I think.  I have a counter full of peppers turning red.  The tomatoes I picked aren't ripening as I had hoped.  I have lots of carrots to pull.
I am not ready for cooler weather yet.  I am not ready to pull on a wool sweater and to never be without heavy socks.  I am just "not ready".

Six... My birthday is in ten days.  I was chatting with two doctors (customers) buying aloe plants. They said 1 teaspoon of aloe sap (the goo) a day fights any bad cells in your body (cancer) and helps you live longer, healthier.   I mentioned my birthday and my hope of reaching 100 years.  We did the math and I have 32 more years if I live to be 100.  One of the doctors said I looked very good for my present age--and to "keep up the good work".  The only thing I could think he noticed was my sparkly eyes and interest in his aloe info.  He slips the daily teaspoon of aloe into a smoothie as the stuff is very bitter and terrible tasting.  He lost me at "smoothie".

Seven....I am roasting red peppers today, grilling the bag of thin oriental eggplant (before they rot) and making yet another batch of zucchini fritters.  Still trying to get it to taste like it did the very first time.  I have enough zucchini in the fridge for two batches of fritters.  Then I will have to move on to another vegetable.  A winter fritter.

Eight... I wore "real shoes" to work yesterday.  Mainly because I could tie them yesterday (let's be honest here).  My feet and ankles (and frequently my knee) have been swollen since May.  And now, finally, my feet are less puffy.  The shoes less tight.  The ankles are still cankles.  The shoes are sort of a cross between walking shoes and shoes. I think you could walk in them but not hiking or power walking.  They are too lightweight. Supportive but I can feel the stones in the walkways at work.  Street walking shoes.  (now I have made myself laugh).

Nine....G is wanting to "go out to eat" today.  I am trying to think of where we could go with something "good to eat" for me.  Going to a restaurant and getting a salad, isn't good enough.  Going to a Mexican restaurant last time and getting a piece of grilled chicken and steamed broccoli--terribly sad.  I would rather just not go and skip the disappointment and sadness.

Ten...My last PT appointment is later this afternoon.  Not much has changed or improved.  I enjoyed the visits and the exercises but my symptoms are exactly as they were before we began.  I still have difficulty going up stairs (down is good).  My knee still hurts occasionally.  I am still having trouble getting up off the couch (knees) and walking after sitting for any period of time.  I have to constantly remind myself to stand straight (upright) as it is more comfortable to tip forward.  The "old people's way of walking".  I may put the peppers in to roast and put on my real walking shoes and go for a walk.  30 minutes or more.  Make a habit of it.

Here I go.

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Annie said...

Did you take the walk? What a gorgeous day, I got my walk in early this morning. I adore this cool, brisk weather, can't get enough of it. You can have that awful hot, humid stuff we had last week. I was unable to even get in a walk in that stuff, couldn't breathe, just ugh!

I don't think I'd want to live to 100, don't feel well enough at 71 to imagine what 100 would be like.....nope don't wanna' : )

I've given up eating in restaurants, there is nothing that I can eat as a diabetic with high blood pressure that is any better than what I can prepare at home. I'm also a germaphobe... I don't like not knowing who is touching my food all along the way. My dh has some buddies who like to go out to eat once in a while, so off he goes with them.

Wishing you the best with your diet, don't restrict yourself too much as you will set yourself up for failure. A good balanced diet with a few goodies is the way to go.