Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Our Anniversary

Forty Six Years.  And people who know us said we'd kill each other sooner rather than later.  Well, we're both still alive and we had dinner together this evening.

Life is such a surprise.  You think you are heading somewhere and then, 46 years later, you realize you went somewhere else (entirely) and...... it turned out to be better than anything you ever thought would happen.  Even the bad parts you never thought you would live through--- well, they led you to the good parts, eventually.  And would we have appreciated the good things if we hadn't suffered the bad things?  I think not.  I miss the people (friends) we left behind or lost completely by moving 12 times.  I would have liked to have had them with me for the entire lifetime.  I would have liked sitting down with them in another 20 years to tell stories and be reminded of the (our) past.

But I have you.  We haven't (all) been together for years and years, but some of you have been along since the 1980's (Marianne), and earlier (my children), but as long as there is Blogger I will be writing and sharing with you.  Telling stories.  Sharing memories.  Laughing.  Crying.  Etc.

And who would have imagined that back in 1968?


Paula, the quilter said...

O Happy Anniversary! We have 42 under our belts. What an amazing journey, eh?

Gretchen said...

My goodness, I got married the same year you did. My marriage lasted 43 years before I lost my best friend; but, like yours, it was quite a grand trip. One I have never regretted. Congratulations. Enjoy the rest of your adventure

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Who indeed? And, Happy Anniversary! Sometimes I think that I'm the luckiest duck, and it sounds as if you are too. Who knew what wonderful things were coming? We couldn't possibly have dreamed them.

MariMo said...

Just back from a wonderful week in Hamburg which I spent with Heike Andersen (remember her? she worked in the marketing dept at kennedyalee office) and finally get to read your latest posts. Happy Anniversary to you and G!!