Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I don't know if this is something I think of as Autumn begins.  Life.  How to live.  How to be happy in one's own skin.  It isn't always easy.  Well, it's not actually easy at all.

When did it become "natural" for humans to "want" so much?  When I watch Father Brown set in the 195o's and people "packed" everything they owned into the tiniest of suitcases.  We pack more to go to work each day.  Well, I do.  Water, cup, coffee, banana, jacket, extra socks, pills, lunch, wallet.

So much stuff.

G is going to visit his brother and I am going to be the dog's companion for a few days.  Riley will be missing his man.  I am moving all library books, catalogs and magazines to high places.  Riley "shreds" when he gets anxious.

I clean.  Today I attacked the orchid table.  Mealy bugs.  I sprayed, washed and sprayed again.  All the leaves, the pots, the sticks, the trays, the table, the window and the windowsills.  I even found mealy bugs on the bottom of the insecticide bottle.  So many bugs.

Then I washed the clothes I had on, the towels and myself.

My rash seems to be getting better.  Zyrtec.  Chamomile soap.  Burt's Bees Hand Salve on my face.
No itching.  No red rash.  No swelling.  Fingers crossed it stays this way.

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