Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday, July 30th - Happy Birthday C!

I wish my living room looked like the above room.   But it isn't shaped this way.

I just finished making 7 pints of zucchini bread and butter pickles.  The house smells like vinegar.  Which is a good smell.  The A/C is working to cool the family room/kitchen.  Boiling water for an hour can heat things up.  I always enjoy looking at the filled jars at the end of "canning" and... after washing all the bits and pieces of equipment, I enjoy pouring the boiling water down the drain and running the disposal.  Everything clean and sanitized.

My lunch was a cooked down bag of frozen roasted cherry tomatoes from last summer.  I added onion and garlic to the tomatoes and cooked them slowly till the mixture was thick and "jammy". I ate the sauce with zucchini noodles I had spiralized and left to air dry.  First on the countertop  overnight and then for two days in a colander topped with clingfilm (as the Brits call it) in the fridge.  Chewy. Firm. Dry.  Perfectly decent faux pasta.  Did not taste like zucchini.

I also made the brown rice flour "tortillas" from the Elimination Diet.  Not anything like flour tortillas.  But if one (like me) hasn't had anything resembling bread or tortillas in over a month--well, I ate three. I am truly addicted to bread.  I had one tortilla with a half avocado and lime juice.  Delish.

I also had all the stuff to make "Life Changing Bread" which is just a combination of oats, seeds, nuts, physllium husk and chia seeds.  It came together so much better this time.  It actually got mushy and sticky like a "dough" (leaves me wondering what I did wrong the first time I made it).  It's in the fridge now.  Doing whatever it needs to do before being baked. Yes, I am concerned about the oats.  I know I can make another batch of the "dough" and make it into crackers.  Adding a few spices and herbs to make the crackers savory.  Poppyseed, garlic powder, rosemary etc.  Life Changing "Everything" Crackers.

The thing I did differently with the "Life Changing Bread" and the rice flour tortillas was measure everything on the scale.  In grams.  No cups or spoons.  "head smack"

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