Friday, July 01, 2016

Day Seven Of the Plan

Acid reflux.  (something I have had only once or twice in my entire lifetime)

I have had trouble with it all day.  Drinking water--not so good.  The soothingly bland carrot and ginger soup from Day One.  Okay for 30 minutes and then I could feel the acid creeping back.  Two Tums worked great until (the greenhouse was super hot) I had to have a few sips of water.

Now that I am home I have had some watermelon cubes (to help hydrate myself) and some leftover steamed brown rice.  Because I am hungry.

There are three possible "reactors".   Goat cheese.  Eggs.  Dark Chocolate.

I cannot move forward until my body calms down.  So I am stuck at Day Six.

Not the best start to my "summer retirement".

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