Thursday, July 07, 2016

Day Thirteen- A Rest Day

Yesterday didn't go as planned.  Hardly any of the days do.  I try hard to follow the list of foods but I don't do a perfect job of it.  I never ate the red bell pepper.

Yesterday I was off Plan most of the time.  And by doing that I can't pinpoint the food that caused a significant episode.  I am thinking it is most likely the soy sauce in a restaurant meal of vegetable mui shi.   This Chinese restaurant is gluten free and doesn't use MSG.  The vegetables in the dish were all safe ones (onion, carrot, mushroom) with the addition of 5 snow peas and some bean sprouts.  No pancakes.  No egg.  I had brown rice and drank four glasses of water.

About 30 minutes to an hour after leaving the restaurant, my eyebrows started to burn and itch. Instead of rubbing them (which makes this much worse and makes my eyes swell shut) I got up and went to wash my face in very hot water (this seems to help).  Riley alerted to something not being right and came with me. I then applied cortisone cream to the area and took a Benadryl.


A reaction to something in the meal.  Soy sauce.  Bean sprouts.  Snow peas.

Each time I have had a reaction it has been in a little clump of three "new" items I chose to eat at the same time.  My same stupid mistake each and every time.  I NEVER learn. Usually it happens because I am not paying attention.  Getting confused by all the menu items.  Some I eat and other I do not care to eat. If it is the soy sauce (and soy in general) then I may not have tested reactive to the pork.  As there was some soy in the marinade on the pork.  I will need to test pork again.  Without marinade.

Not that my breakfast or lunch was according to the printed Plan menu either.  But it was all things that had previously been safe.  And, since the reaction was pretty much immediate--I am going with the Chinese food being the cause.   I was thinking it was an excess of sodium (I haven't been having much salt in my diet) but that wouldn't explain the sudden flare up of eczema.

Today is a rest day.  I may repeat the menu from Day One which was a cleanse menu. Try and get rid of toxins.

Today's menu comes with the warning to "make no changes" in the menu as it is laid out.

Breakfast: Flax Granola with 1 cup blueberries or a Chia fruit Smoothie. (just thinking of eating either is giving me acid reflux)

Lunch: One slice white bread topped with goat cheese, sunflower seeds and mixed greens. I can't eat goat cheese (it tested reactive and the author gave no replacement should that happen--same thing with the almonds and almond butter I can't eat) and I don't like the taste of sunflower seeds. Or a mixed greens salad, kale salad or spinach salad with 15 grams of vegetable protein (like broccoli, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds or goat cheese). I had chickpea hummus yesterday with carrots so can't have chickpeas today.  Which leaves me with broccoli.  On a salad.

Dinner: Chicken (because it is the only protein that has tested safe so far) with 2 cups of tested vegetables (steamed, grilled, roasted or sautéed) plus an approved salad.  (which is where I would have chosen to eat broccoli but now have to consider zucchini).

I am SO NOT a happy camper today.

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