Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day Eighteen- My Favorite Number

I love it when things work out in a serendipitous way.  Like today in the Plan is "eat out at a restaurant" day.  And G and I were, a month ago, invited to a bank event and tickets to see Evita at the local, in Town, music theater.  I think they are serving us snacks at the Daniel Stone Inn.  And here it is theater day and eat out day. Like I was "planning" or something.

I also saw this zucchini noodle dish on Simply Recipes website.  I love making and eating zucchini noodles.  It's so playful.   On thePlan website the Plan author spends a great deal of time writing about her method with zucchini noodles.  She basically cuts them and then sets them somewhere to air dry.  Couple of hours or more.  Makes them dense, drier and more chewy.

The Simple Recipe (dot com) bowl up top, combines the noodles with 4 ounces of sautéed chicken and basil pesto.  The only addition that I probably can't have is the tomatoes.  I need to test tomatoes.  This might be a good time to do as the recipe only calls for a handful of cherry tomatoes for two servings.

Yesterday I watered my vegetable garden.  My broccoli had gone to seed.  Sadly.  But I cut the little broccoli heads with flowers an popped them in the FP with my greens for meatballs.  After watering and planting a few more things I mixed up and gave everyone a nice drink of fish emulsion fertilizer.  Then I need a good soapy shower to stop smelling like fish fertilizer myself.

I read some chapters in my new book (not sure I like it) ate my dinner of leftover brown rice and leftover vegetables.  Watched tv and then went to bed.  Allergies to pollen and mold are making me quite dim witted and sleepy.

The bran flakes and (now) daily cup of coffee are taking care of any constipation I may be suffering. I lost one pound overnight even though I had yogurt with blueberries and bran flakes.  Two items NOT on the Plan.  So, I am feeling a bit more successful today.

 I visited Goodwill and got myself another pair of summer (gardening) capri pants in my new, smaller size.  I also found an LLBean short sleeved PINK LINEN blouse.  PINK.  I picked out the two back darts they insist on adding to a classic shirt.  I hate the bust darts they also added (as well as shortening the sleeve length and making the shirt longer) but can't get rid of them without taking the entire shirt apart---which I have done.  I consider that experience as "making a pattern for future shirt making"  and not a mistake.

The original shirt was perfectly flat and square when I ironed it.  No darts no tucks.  Back section the same width and length as the front section (when buttoned).  I think it was called a "camp shirt".  Good length on the sleeves which were straight out from the side seams, not angled.  Classic.

You can still find some of the original camp shirts at Goodwill.  Not often.  But I have never before found anything PINK.  So this new shirt (even though not a camp shirt) is a treasure I will be wearing for the rest of my life.

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