Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day Nineteen- Repeat Your Favorite Day

Now, the author of that phrase is referring to diet menu days.  But----- what if Fate asked you to repeat your favorite day in your life.  Wow.  Now that would take some thought.

On the diet--my favorite day was the day I had toast.  Remember I wrote that I very nearly swooned with delight over the toasted bread loaded with melted butter.

But that's not the day I chose to repeat.  I chose to repeat a day when I lost 1.5 pounds.

Weight has returned to it's lowest point in the 19 days and remained steady for two days now.  Even "restaurant day" which was an odd buffet of finger foods.  A plate of cold, beautifully arranged, broccoli florets, slant cut carrots (blanched I think), cucumber.  Like they knew I was coming.  There was a "slider" buffet with pulled pork, pulled chicken or portobello mushrooms.  There was a fruit plate with beautifully cut and fanned pineapple, melons etc with a few perfect strawberries.  Also a cheese platter.  I stuck with the vegetables and pulled pork--scooping up pork with my carrots.  One strawberry.  Three scallops wrapped in bacon.  I drank water even though it was an open bar.  After I had a small Whoopee Pie cone at the wonderful inTown ice cream shack.  Then Evita.

This morning no weight gain and no weight loss so I think--it's okay.

Today I had bran flakes, coffee and water.  I made a little chart for my water consumption.  I finally got the Plan Cookbook from library loan and--well, things have changed quite a bit since the original book.  The Kale with Vegetables is much more that it was.  The coco sauce makes a VAT of sauce--more than anyone would ever need.  There is pizza.  There is pasta sauce.  So many things.  And there are changes to the "cleanse".  No liver detox capsules.  It's a totally different diet.  And there was an easy to use "drinking your water chart" which would have saved me much anguish.

Simply a pint jar.  At 7, 9, 12, 2, 5, 7.  Just fill the jar with water, chug it down, walk away.  I like making a mark next to each hour's water.  And the jar stays put next to the chart.  No wondering where I set my water glass or when and how much water I drank.  When I weigh less--less water.

Big deal yesterday--I wore one of my rings.  It fit on my finger.  I also wore a very pretty pin tucked white linen blouse that I have not worn in a very long time.  Because it didn't fit.  Last night it fit. I had to wear pants that were too large but-they were all I have. And because it was a special "occasion" I put product into my hair.  I am all about wash and wear hair. So product is a big deal.  I didn't bother with make-up--my tan is so dark (greenhouse) it wouldn't make any difference.

This morning the skin around my eyes is itching.  Allergies, I think.  I took my Zyrtec and am hoping it kicks in soon.  I don't think it's food related--that reaction happens pretty dark fast.

I'm going to try and manage the vegetable crisper drawers better.  I had more produce that I am comfortable tossing due to "forgetting" it was there--- then buying more.  It spoiled and is now in the compost pile.  I have quite a lot of kale, broccoli and watermelon.  More than enough zucchini. Five roasted beets.  Two pieces of chicken.  I need to test a new vegetable this week.  I am considering red cabbage.  For my salads.   But I could test it cooked in a stir fry as well.  the Plan prefers vegetables to be cooked not raw.  Now that sounds good.  Onion, cabbage, carrots, red pepper and broccoli stir fry.

Day Twenty is tomorrow.  The last diet post.

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Paula, the quilter said...

Do you think the product in your hair made your eyes itch? It might be something to consider.