Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Day Twelve on the Plan Diet-- A New Vegetable

Well, I had to choose from the diet author's vegetables.  Not mine.  So I had 5 snow peas as a choice, 4 Brussels sprouts, 1 small plum tomato, red bell pepper (no limit on size), or half a small potato. My new test vegetable is--ta da-- the red bell pepper mainly because I happen to have one in the fridge. And I think it will be a real perk having something other than green vegetables to eat in my stir fry.

Yesterday's pound was gone this morning.  It feels sort of magical when that happens.

So, skeptic that I am (naturally) I guess the inflammation thing is real.  Eat something that your body can't process and you gain weight.  Be it fat weight or water weight.  It's still weight.  And the body stores it, and stores it because you keep eating the food that causes the inflammation. Give the body a rest and eat safe foods and the water is released.

In another magical note--my hip bones.  I can feel them.  Which lead me up to the boxes of clothing in the attic before I even had my first 16 ounces of water or breakfast (toast with half an avocado) to see what fits today.  I brought down some more pants and a really cute blouse I love wearing.  I bought it when I had lost nearly 38 pounds in 2007 and had absolutely nothing to wear that fit.  I bought one blouse and two pairs of pants.  I didn't actually believe I could keep the weight off so why buy any more clothing?

Today is stinking hot here in Maine.  I already watered the plants in pots on the back deck.  Gave them plain water and then blue water.  The plants on the front porch will get water later--after I water the vegetable garden (and get very hot and sweaty).  I still haven't planted my bean seeds.  But I am wondering if I should as green beans are 70% reactive and G won't eat them.

Yesterday I had a long postponed mammogram.  It took all of 20 minutes from check-in to check out and wasn't nearly as "crushing" as I remember.  But I am nearly 70 and gravity has had it's way with me.

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