Monday, July 11, 2016

Day Seventeen- We Are Experiencing Difficulties

The Southern pulled pork was extraordinary I removed the cover of the cast iron pot at 3 ½ hours (maybe 4) and left it at 325 for another 60 minutes or more until the meat was dark and crusty.  Gary was over the moon happy with it and I enjoyed my serving very, very much.  And I drank my water and had watermelon for snack.  Lunch was a repeat of the chopped salad with sunflower seeds. So enough bulk and enough moisture.

All in all, enough bulk to have produced some "elimination" since this is an elimination diet.  NOPE.
So, no weight loss this morning which makes two full days in a row (but no gain).  So, I went to the cupboard and got down the bran flakes.  Had a bowl with rice milk (water) for breakfast.

Now everything is as it should be, I think.  Bran Flakes.  A little breakfast miracle.

Today's menu: Flax granola with fruit.
Chickpea salad and butternut soup for lunch. Rye cracker with raw almond butter for snack. Approved protein on mixed greens with Vegetable Timbale (contains tomato which we have not tested).

 I had Bran Flakes. I won't be having the chickpea salad (hot chickpeas with cumin and wilted spinach) or the rye cracker.  I never bothered to make raw almond butter as the almonds seemed to bother me, not a lot, but some. The thought of making sunflower seed butter--makes me gag.

I will, instead, just have a salad with Romaine and carrots.  And for dinner I will have chicken with vegetables.  I may make the Fried (or baked) Little Green Balls from Food52.

The recipe is Plan friendly.  8ounces packed weight of any greens or stems of vegetable tops you have (beet greens, arugula that has bolted, carrot tops, parsley stems, kale stems) stuff you had planned to tuck into the compost bin.  Run it all thru the food processor until finely chopped (might want to start with stems and then add anything leafy).  It's good to have a mix of leafy and stems.

 Heat the fry pan with some olive oil and sauté a finely chopped yellow onion with some salt and garlic.  Add cumin seeds if you like it.  I don't. Cilantro if you like that.  I don't. Add the greens from the FP to the pan and continue to saute.  Meanwhile, add a slice of bread to the FP and make bread crumbs.  Then crumble up ¼cup of feta or any other cheese you have around by hand.  Dump everything in a bowl, let cool for 5 minutes and then start mixing and smooching with your hands.  Can add one egg to hold the mix into little balls (about 20) or two eggs if needed.  Can fry them or bake them.  The bake is 350 on parchment paper (will stick) for 15 min and then turn for another 10 to 15.  Serve like you would meatballs.  Can squeeze some lemon over the top.  Add pesto.  Whatever.  Instead of the garlic--try adding a few garlic scapes if you have them.

It's pretty much--use anything you would normally cut off and throw away.  IF you garden--then you can be making these little green balls from now until September.

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