Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day Sixteen- Testing Protein for Lunch & Dinner

Since I have only chicken as an approved protein that I can eat more often than once a week, I will not be eating it twice in one day. Once a day is more than enough chicken.  Yesterday I had 2 flax crackers with goat cheese (as a test) for lunch and gained one pound overnight.  So, the goat cheese is now history. I'm only testing a food twice.

I didn't manage to drink all my water yesterday so that could be an additional weigh gainer. But I woke  up this morning feeling VERY energetic (reminding myself of the detox energy) and I scrubbed both of our bathrooms, washed woodwork, vacuumed the entire house plus the very dirty (we garden) sunporch which is our way in and out of the house for garden chores. I also washed the kitchen floor and have the area rugs in the washing machine.

Yesterday the only house work I managed was changing the linens on our bed.

I also have Southern Pulled Pork in the oven.  I am re-testing pork today to see if the reaction was more to do with the marinade (ketchup and soy) and less to do with the pork itself.  The pork has safe ingredients like brown sugar, cayenne pepper and garlic on it.  With apple cider vinegar as the liquid.

I've kept everything else today in the ultra safe category so the test will be a good one.  Breakfast being the awful flax granola (I once found it delicious), one cup of coffee and blueberries.  Lunch was a repeat of the chopped salad with sunflower seeds for protein.  Romaine, zucchini, carrot and avocado.  I could easily have added in 2 ounces of chicken.  But I didn't want to.

My husband asked how long I intended to do this "diet" and I answered quite truthfully.  If I eat safe foods and gain weight overnight--then I am done.  There is no point in continuing.  And, between you and I, it's been a few days since I lost any NEW weight.  I keep gaining and losing the same few pounds.  Up three, down two, down one, up one.  Which means the last time I lost any real weight was back on July 5th.

In the comments section of the only real source of information regarding this diet ( book reviews), this seems to be the experience of most who purchased the book and tried the Plan.  Weight loss the first few days (detox) and then up/down while testing.  Never really going down and staying there. A few have lost inches but not weight.  I think I am in that group.  Pants that fit me June 30th are very very loose today.

The diet in the book loses momentum starting tomorrow.  All the days read the same.  Approved breakfast, approved lunch and approved dinner.  No testing of any new foods for days 17 to 20. Mostly we test protein twice a day, double sized portion of some safe food and eating at a restaurant. So what I have is it. And then I sort of have to find my own way. The author says--if you want to eat something--then test it.  But first I have to get to a place where I am not going up and down constantly.  A safe food spot.

I am planning to call my doctor and ask to have two blood tests done.  ALCAT and C-Reactive Protein.  She won't want to order them.  But I am going to force the issue if I have to.  She thinks allergy tests are nonsense.  Her words.  I have also ordered two other elimination diet books that are highly recommended, in the Amazon comments, from my library.

I have started moving my diet and food test info to my desk calendar so I can see, at a glance, where I was, am and where I am going.  I can also see what foods I tested.

The huge rainstorms predicted didn't happen, but weather was pretty chilly.  Now the sun is coming out.  Next four days are going to be brutally HOT---- I don't do well, in brutally hot.  Which is why I am not working at the greenhouse this summer.

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