Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Addition of Citrus To The Diet

I just deleted everything I just wrote.  Sigh.  I am in this rut.  I am also on this diet plan.  I am wanting to not be in either place. I am adding citrus to my food for the next three days.  Forcing a reaction if there is going to be one.

Brown rice is a "safe" food on both of the Elimination Diets I have been working my way through this past month.  All of July it seems.  I eat the brown rice and my body turns into a gas factory. The good thing is the manufacturing of gas has eliminated (such a joke) the constipation problems.  Do I write that up as a "reactive" food and eliminate it from my diet for the rest of time as we know it?

Also the eyebrow rash seems to not be influenced by food.  It seems to be directly influenced by my presence in the living room, on the couch watching television, or here at the desk (in the room with the couch) typing on the computer or reading things on the internet. Dust.

I can wash the walls and windows in this room, vacuum the area carpets daily, take down the curtains and wash them until they are rags (like my mother did when my brother was allergic to everything), and cover everything I can't wash with washable covers.  I can do that.  Just to rid myself of this rash. Because I am sensitive to DUST.  And this room is most likely full of dust.

And, thanks to the Elimination diet so far, I know nothing I eat causes the rash.

BUT.  To muddy the waters even more, I had a bowl of shredded wheat biscuits for breakfast with rice milk.  Wheat is the only ingredient listed on the box.  So, pretty quickly, I should know if it is reactive.  I need to eat cereal (a bulky cereal) in the morning to not be constipated.  But right now--I need to get out of this dusty room.

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