Saturday, July 09, 2016

Day Fifteen - Another Protein Tested

I gave up on "following the rules" and used common sense instead.  I needed to have another protein other than chicken.  So, while out at the grocery store looking for more large beets to roast, I purchased steak.  One for me and one for G.  He was out doing work for a landscaper and arrived home hungry and tired.  We had steak and baked potato with a side of grilled vegetable kabobs while watching the horrible evening news.

Anyway, I decided to eat a new protein even though I was in the process of testing my new breakfast item--yogurt.  Well, I had steak and a third of a baked potato with lots of butter and this morning I was another pound down (so back to what I weighed Thursday before eating Chinese).  I also had a chopped salad for lunch yesterday.  I followed the recipe exactly.  One chopped carrot, one chopped zucchini, one chopped small head of Romaine, half an avocado, handful of sunflower seeds and oil and vinegar dressing.  It was delicious.  I ate it with a spoon.  I did not have my snack of potato chips.  When I went to see if I was indeed having potato chips for snack--I was on the wrong page in the diet book.

Now I have two proteins to add to the safe/tested list, a new vegetable (potato), and a new salad to make for lunch or dinner.  A "real" chopped salad includes meat and cheese but I won't be doing that anytime soon.  Tomorrow I am retesting pork.  Without the ketchup and soy marinade.  Hopefully on Monday morning I can report having three tested proteins to use in the remaining menus.  Each says the same thing "any approved protein".  Now, steak is just once a week.  Pork doesn't include sausage, bacon or ham.  Those would be separate tests. I am making Southern Pulled Pork in the oven with cider vinegar, garlic and cayenne pepper (a Martha Stewart recipe).  I am adding the brown sugar also as brown sugar was added to one of the recipes in the Plan book.  So it must be okay.  (who knows as there are so many odd things popping up in the recipe section that aren't in the Plan food list)

As you can tell, the longer this goes on and the further from the first three day cleanse we are--the more fragmented the actual Plan gets.

There are people who managed to get 30 or more days into this but they aren't on the internet helping others navigate.  Most blogging regarding the diet stops at the 8 day mark (I have searched and searched).  And here I am at 15.  Frustrated.  Confused.  Trying to stay on it and wanting to just give up.  BUT.  It's a loss of almost 6 pounds in 2 weeks compared to "maybe" a loss of 1 pound a week on the 1200 to 1600 calorie diet I have been on for 120 days.  And there is the general feeling that my body composition has changed.  From lumpy to elongated?  I'm not any taller but I seem to think I feel taller.  If I just eat safe foods--will I lose weight each day?  Will I stall?

Five days to go before the diet plan is all "any approved" relating to breakfast, lunch and dinner. As Elaine used to say on Seinfeld--"yada yada, yada"

Nothing new today. For me.  It's raining, dark and dismal here in Maine.  Tomorrow--pulled pork.

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