Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day Twenty- The Last Day I Do This

I drank all the pints of water yesterday.  Followed the diet.  And was rewarded this morning by a TWO POUND WEIGHT GAIN.  Today is  day 20.  And I am done with this even though I think I know what caused the weight gain and the return of the eyebrow rash.  Fresh mozzarella cheese. I've eaten it before without any trouble.  But, yesterday, I got trouble.  Today--well, it'll be plain eating again.  All safe foods (well, the cheese was safe--but now it's not)

So, the premise of this elimination diet isn't really REAL.  You test reactive to something and then don't eat it.  Good enough.  But you test safe for something and then a few days later a reaction. Which leaves you wondering--is safe food really safe?  What exactly does a reaction mean? Can a food make you lose weight one day and then gain weight another day plus get your rash back???? What if I am suddenly reactive to the beets I had with the cheese and not the cheese?

Above is a picture of something I may make today for lunch.  Zucchini noodles with red cabbage, carrot, onion and kale.  There is an Asian dressing to pour over which does not contain soy.  Look in my sidebar for Simply Recipes.  It looks pretty and will be fun to "twirl" a fork into something for a change.  Unless I am "suddenly" now reactive to zucchini.

I have two books waiting for me at the library on elimination diets and the authors are actually doctors.  The Plan author is not.

Yesterday was not a good day for me.  Tired.  My skin around my eyes burning.  Trouble breathing. Short attention span.  Mosquitos.  Too hot outside.

I did notice, because I have one on right now --the Bean linen camp shirt has a pocket.  From now on I will just look for short sleeved linen Bean shirts with a pocket at Goodwill.  The pink shirt washed up nicely and the picked back dart lines vanished.  The shirt body itself looks good but the shoulders are cut narrow (you can see it clearly when the shirt is laid out flat) and the short sleeves are really skimpy.  You hardly see this shirt in the store or catalogs anymore (I would buy it).  I think, they redesigned it into oblivion.  You do see the elbow length sleeve--with bust darts and back darts.  I still buy those.  And remove the back darts.  And never button the sleeve buttons.  Cut too tight.  Pulls when you move your arms.

I do have one of the three quarter sleeve shirts in a 3X.  Super comfy.  I wear it all summer.  Loose, lightweight.  In the washer, in the dryer, no ironing and back in business as my go to summer shirt.
I've been wearing it nearly every day--two summers now--and it shows no signs of wear.  Would be a great beach cover up as well.  I don't wear a 3X usually but buying this shirt was a great deal for me.  All my other shirts are just plain XL.  And they fit loose.  BUT, the XL three quarter sleeve pulls from the shoulder to the elbow-- every single one of them.

Next post--whenever that is--will be business as usual.  No Plan.   Now, I am off to the library before the heat builds up.  Then the garden.  And then the shower and back to reading my book.  Thank you for your patience with this diet stuff.  Sigh.  It bored me to death as well.

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