Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Zucchini Noodles for Dinner

Now that I am testing the Nightshade Family and can eat tomatoes--I decided to try a batch of zoodles to go with my own homemade sauce.  I am also trying out the "drying" method.  You cut the noodles in your spiral cutter and then let them air dry on a cookie sheet--giving them a toss every few hours.  So they dry evenly.

My vegetable soup yesterday was awesome.  I ate my way through two bowls of it.  And I have three quart jars of soup in the fridge.  Like money in the bank!

My eyes are itching.  But I think it's dust in the air and some plant pollen outside that I am allergic to.  Zyrtec to the rescue.  The scale isn't moving but clothing that hasn't fit in a very long time--fits. My walking buddy was the recipient of much of my "too small to wear" wardrobe years ago and each week she brings a item or two and gives the clothing back.  Yesterday it was another (OMG) pair of black linen pants--a medium-- whatever that means-- and they fit.  Now loose like I like, but okay.  Summer time clothing should be loose and airy.

It's very hot and humid.  I have to check the garden.  Water if necessary.  But I think G and I will go do a few errands first.  Unless he falls asleep first.

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