Thursday, July 28, 2016

Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash

I am hoping there are a few out in the garden today.  There are piles of them at the grocery from a local farmer.  But the cost is high.  $2 a pound.  And a standard pot of fried squash at my house uses at least 4 or 5 pounds.  And the grocery had okra.  Now, a truly Southern vegetable plate must have fried okra.  And big slabs of juicy tomatoes.  And some sort of cooked shell pea, like Purple hull peas.

I guess I will wait. Edit:  It was a good thing to wait as when I went into the garden to water I found a whole bunch of large yellow squash.  Ready to pick.  And they weighed in at over 5 pounds.  They are now cooking on the stove.  I also found enough large zucchini to make a full batch of zucchini bread and butter pickles.  Got a really hot jalapeño to go in the mix.  And, if that wasn't enough garden joy--I found enough cucumbers to make a quart jar of refrigerator pickles.  Life is good.

G and I did errands yesterday.  I needed an annual sticker for my car.  Town tax to own a vehicle. The bank needed paperwork.  Bills to the post office.  And then lunch on the open porch of a local restaurant with the river running beneath our feet and the summer breezes softly brushing by. I ordered the market salad with grilled chicken.

We watched the Democratic convention from 10 to midnight, as usual.  What a wonderful speaker our President is and always has been.  The audacity of hope.  And I agree.  He inherited a country that was in the deepest hole (money wise) than even the Great Depression.  And now the stock market is higher than it's ever been in history.  And the Republicans say we are "in deep trouble?" We were in deep trouble with Bush.  Not now.  The only other time people felt good about the economy was the Clinton years.  I feel good about putting a campaign sign in my front yard.  Wearing a campaign button and even volunteering to help.  Wow.  Never thought I would write that. Audacious.

My weight gain seems to have gone.  Took a few days of eating less and less but now I am back to where I was.  The nightshade family doesn't seem to be bothering me.  Another day or two and I will be testing beef.  Steaks, burgers and taco-less tacos.  I had already tested beef on the Plan and it was good.  And the next test is pork.  I know that is good also--but not with soy sauce.  After that I move on to tree nuts.  Walnuts and Pecans first.  I know,  It's a very strange path.  But they are having us test the least reactive foods first and then build to the worst offenders.  Eggs, Corn, Sugar, Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Dairy and the very last one-- Soy..  Isn't this the list of foods certain popular diets exclude?

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