Monday, July 18, 2016

Elimination Diet- Day Two

I forgot we needed black peppercorns for the pepper grinder.  But I did remember to buy a roasted chicken.  And, even before putting it in a suitable container for storage, I ate the two legs and two wings.  Standing at the counter like a cave woman. Oh, how I have changed.

I went to the grocery with my friend Patty..  She drove by while I was walking along the road, on the way home from my walk.   But before going to the grocery we went to lunch.

My lunch wasn't holding.  I had a huge plate of lettuce and grated carrots in my "chef's salad" but no dressing (none were legal), no tomato, no cheese, no peppers.  I did have some turkey on top.  My lunch partner gave me her homemade dill pickle which was in reality--- just a cucumber that had been sitting in vinegar for one day.

I also purchased a roasted turkey breast which G and I will share for dinner.  I will have turkey, baked sweet potato (no butter) and steamed or roasted green beans.  G will have gravy and Stove Top stuffing with his.  I will try not to be unhappy about the gravy.  Or the lack of cranberry sauce.

The chicken is for tomorrow and I also purchased a package of frozen wild salmon which is supposedly the only kind I can have.  I'll have that on top of a salad or wilted greens on Wednesday. My grocery fish counter had only farm raised salmon.  Which I am not supposed to eat.

I also purchased short grain brown rice because the gal, Shira Bocar, on the Martha Stewart videos "eat clean" used it in three recipes so I guess it's good stuff.

That's all I have to say.  My friend wasn't sure it was me walking on the side of the road today.  She said I looked different---- thinner.

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