Sunday, July 17, 2016

Detox Diet Done

Now I move into the two weeks of eating the Elimination Diet.  The author says this part is the most restrictive.  It seems like a "holiday" to me as I get some food to CHEW.

Lunch will be as pictured above.  A roasted (baked) sweet potato, stuffed with greens sautéed with onion and topped with slices of avocado (from Martha Stewart- Clean Eating).  Breakfast was the Green Pineapple smoothie with the addition of a frozen banana to give it a bit of thickener.  I added too much water when I made it.  I was thinking "blender" instead of "Vitamix".  The Vitamix needs far less liquid to do the job.  I found out I appreciate a very thick smoothie.  I am planning to make the red cabbage one again with blackberries this time.

The "elimination" part of my problems has worked it's way "out" with the application of Senokot.  G had a bottle from his heart surgery so I thought it would be safe.  It's gentle and works overnight.

I purchased a giant bag of young, thin, fresh green beans to eat.  To CHEW.  For my snack later in the day or I might just enjoy a bowl of watermelon chunks.

Discovered a nice Thai recipe (on Martha Stewart) to make with coconut milk, chicken, ginger, garlic and some of the pineapple left over from the smoothie making. I can't add the hot chili pepper but the ginger can be quite spicy on it's own.  I get to eat this with some brown rice.

Day Three is turning out pretty swell.  It rained overnight.  The garden is nice and wet.  I am going out to pick beet greens when I finish here (risking mosquitos) and then I think I will settle on the couch and read. But before I do that, I think I will go and watch more Clean Eating videos.

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Jan said...

I know you're already in the middle of another program, but may I suggest you might find the book "It Starts with Food" of interest? I think it may mesh with and/or complement what you're doing. I did the Whole 30 program in January with spectacular results and still eat 90% that way now. I feel great, lost a little weight and my 'muffin top' melted away. Best is that my lifelong 'stomach issues' are gone.
When I'm traveling or at a special event, I don't deny myself any indulgences but day to day, I stick with it mostly and cannot recommend it more highly.